Jah Ova Evil

JOE (Jah.Ova.Evil)

J.O.E- Jahovaevil is the name 23 years old Alty Nunes chose to call himself after a near death experience in December 2009. Nunes was admitted to the hospital due to a ruptured blood vessel in his head. The doctors say it is a miracle he lived. 

This walking miracle is also blessed with musical talents which have been nurtured and trained from the age of five when his mother discovered his gift of song. Born to Patsy Ricketts, acclaimed National Dance Theatre Company dancer, many perhaps expected him to dance his way to stardom, but J.O.E is driven by his passion for music. This he says is inborn as his grandmother was a violinist and his grandfather, a classical music singer.

Jah. Ova. Evil

Formerly known as Lil Joe, this young artist has had a rich musical career as he has already been apart of three groups; a group with his siblings called “Jah Children” which got the opportunity to tour Europe in 1993-94, and later “Encore” then “Judgment Squad” He has also entered the JCDC Festival Competition in 2005 with a song entitled “Don’t Leave”. J.O.E. views his JCDC experience as “a joyful one”. 

 At age 19, he approached the competition with much hope and determination. The competition was a stepping stone for him and the all-island tours gained for him some popularity. Though he was young, no one could deny his talent and potential. He admits the competition was an avenue which opened many doors for him as he placed third. It was through this medium that he and Gavin Blair of Equiknoxx Music made connections with producers Billy Clarke and Gussie Clarke, with whom he still works. He later recorded a song with Gussie Clarke entitled “Not good at all” on the “Consuming Fire Rhythm” which was released by VP Records.

 Since then, he has worked with the likes of Sly and Robbie while continuing to work with Gavin Blair of Equiknoxx Music and is a committed ‘Equiknoxx artist’. He has collaborations with artists such as Aidonia, Terro 3000, Chino and Kimani Marley. His more recent singles include “Sometimes”,“Struggles” which has been creating a buzz on the radio, and also “Nah No Mercy, for which he released a video. J.O.E under his previous name Lil Joe, released the Nah No Mercy Mixtape which is available for download on www.equiknoxxmusic.com.  He is also featured on Equiknoxx rhythms “Jim Screechie” and “Infantry”, all available on iTunes. He has also signed a publishing contract with Gussie Clarke.

J. O. E.  continues to write and record his music knowing that he is destined for greatness! Reggae Times approves. 

By Tashan Hendricks

Jah Ova Evil

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