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mvc-025s.JPGJamaica is an island full of talented people, and a significant number of them tend to gravitate to creating music. Most however, see themselves as potential performers desiring to be in the focus of the stage lights. Invariably though, there are those who prefers to be just creative and leave the performing aspect of the business to others. One such person is young Jamaican song lyricist, Donavon “Sherlock” Johnson. This young man told Reggae Times that he has a special love and ability to create lyrics and as so far has composed over two hundred (200) songs. He takes an active part in the national music business as much as he can but, being a father of a few children he also has to ‘juggle’ as a trying, self employed business man to take care of his family. However, he still finds the time to make regular appearances at many of the recording studios in an effort to keep connected. He also is an avid supporter of ‘live show events. He has a good relationship with most, if not all, of the current prominent national artistes.

mvc-029s.JPGThe quality of his compositions tend to reflect an international flavour which encompasses, Rhythm and Blues, Hip-Hop and other genres but, in all of this, he does not deviate too much from his ‘roots.’ His Reggae, Dancehall, Lover Rock and Culturally flavoured lyrics are authentically Jamaican.

He most recently composed a body of works for internationally acclaimed Jamaican singer, Glen Ricks, who is highly regarded by many music industry practitioners to be one of the best Jamaican singers working out of Canada. Glen Rick, who was residing here for a considerable time met “Sherlock” and was impressed with the high standard of his compositions. Hence commissioned “Sherlock” to write a few songs for him. This was done and one understands that Universal Records of Canada has expressed an interest in the material and is willing to some of the songs featuring Glen Ricks. He further told Reggae Times that many prominent artiste working out of Jamaica have and continue to express the interest and desire to record some of his written works. Some of the names he mentioned in this regard are, ace deejays Bounty Killa and Mr. Lex plus singer Wayne Wonder among others. Reggae Times understands that the late Dennis Brown had also expressed the desire to record some of “Sherlock’s” compositions but unfortunately he passed away before they had a chance to work together. Some artiste who have actually recorded some of his material are, veteran singer, Carl Dawkins and deejay Nigger Kojak among a few others.

Due to his association and relationship with, Jerome Hamilton, one of Jamaica’s top Entertainment power brokers who handles the affairs of Junior Gong, Sean Paul, Wayne Wonder, Baby Cham and other popular internationally renowned Jamaican artistes; Sherlock has been approached by this man to work on creating lyrical material for these acts and as such he has forged a working relationship with most of the artistes mentioned. He also has just concluded a project in which he wrote several songs for Hawaiian reggae singer, Rodey Fire, who recently recorded his debut album here in Jamaica.

Based on these facts, “Sherlock” is now, with the assistance of Reggae Times, seeking to attract potential investors who are desirous of getting involved in the production of Reggae music. In his regard “Sherlock” has taken the unprecedented step of offering to interested potential investors a forty percent, (40%) share of the rights of his written material should an agreement be reached with a second party. He is also offering the executive producer’s position to the investing partner. He is able to handle the actual production aspect of any recording project here in Jamaica by procuring the availability of studios musicians and other areas involved in the technical aspect of the production of music here in Jamaica.

The potential investor(s), will be at an advantage because of the lower cost factor of producing Reggae music in Jamaica and also because of the music industry connections that he has at his disposal.

Reggae Times, with its mandate to continually assist in helping to develop the standard of Reggae Music endorses the attempt by this young lyrics compose by introducing him to an international forum. Contact can be made to “Sherlock” by calling him at 1-876-430-4550 or at our e-mail address at,

“Sherlock” say he is guaranteeing that as association with him in this venture should greatly assist in lifting the quality of Reggae music with the involvement of international interests in its production.

young jamaican songwriter

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