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You want to catch the customer’s eyes; you want your business to be the best, so you seek out different ways to appeal to them. Facebook, YouTube, MySpace and Twitter are just a few of the popular social networks that are being used to market various ideas and companies.  What is a Social Network? A social network is a website where people connect with friends, both those they know offline and those who are online-only buddies. Social networking sites are a hot topic for marketers, as they present a number of opportunities for interacting with customers, including via plug-in applications, groups, and fan pages.

In this day and age technology is way to go, for instance numerous companies such as Digicel, Lime and Island Grill have all being utilising social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. But social networks are not just for the big companies but it is a medium through which artists can market themselves and their music. Artists such as Tessanne Chin, Vybz Kartel and other upcoming artist such as Tanto Blacks have made their way into the business and are making a name for themselves from the publicity that these networks afford them.

Social networks have made it easier for persons in the music industry to gain recognition and exposure that they may not have been able to access. In times gone by success in the music industry was limited to only a select few, but technological developments have changed that.  The availability of social networks like YouTube and MySpace can allow artists to upload their music videos and songs, and their fans are able to view and listen to their favourite artists and at the same time see upcoming artists.

But there is a downfall to social networks, they can also be harmful to artists as it is just as easy for their fans to download their music without paying for it, which directly affects the sales and revenues artists would earn. In 2009 leading dancehall deejay Vybz Kartel released his “Pon Di Gaza” album independently via Adidjahiem Records/NotNice Records, but according to some reports – based on Nielsen SoundScan figures – a measly eight copies of the album were sold in its first week. 519 individual downloads of various singles off the album were recorded for the same first week period. Technology has helped changed the music industry but it still has its downfalls.

Putting in the time and effort required is what will set you apart from the other, less than willing, marketers.  The first step is branding yourself with long term ways of generating attention to your page. What this means is becoming an expert in your niche, by writing articles, press-releases or blogs and putting them on the social network sites. If your content is good, your traffic or followers will be good. Submitting new content on a consistent basis will aid in your attempt to catch and maintain your target audience’s attention.

While MySpace remains the market leader, FaceBook’s recently launched FaceBook Ads system has added a feature where users can recommend products to friends. It’s estimated that an individual is three to five times more likely to buy a product if a friend uses and recommends it.

As an avid user of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, I have seen firsthand as both an entrepreneur and a customer that social networks are an asset. It’s the twenty-first century and customers have different needs and as such we need to employ different strategies to catch and maintain their attention and their disposable income, so allow your customs to follow you on Twitter or add you on Facebook.

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