By Bugle


There are so many unanswered questions,

So much unanswered questions,

Boss man let me ask you the last one.


What have I done to you?

Why you wanna treat me like a criminal

I’m not no criminal

What have I done to you

Why you wanna come to my funeral, come to my funeral

What have I done to you,

Why you want to treat me like a criminal,

I’m not no criminal

What have I done to you,

Why you wanna come to my funeral,

Mi mean that literal.

Verse 1

True mi exercise everyday and mi start get fit

Hypocrites a look fi mi with extension clips

But as long as mi have life mi naah quit

This a real life is not nuh movie nor nuh skit

Wah dem a pray fi see

Dem nah guh see mi inna nuh cemetery

So the prayers weh dem a pray nuh necessary

Yes mi glad she Jah Jah mek mi know mi adversary

Everyday dem a hope and a wish fi see mi perish

Cause the opposite of love is what dem cherish

Dem nuh want fi see mi pon di terrace

Naah go down, I’m putting up resistance like Beres.


Verse 2

Dem say a bag a tings dem never need fi say

When it come to the test yu hear she dem never mean fi say

Wah dem say dem shouldn’t dream fi say

But memba say hear say dat a weh people say

Tings dem put mi through only father God know how it grieve me

Cant believe who mi think was mi friend deceive me

Thanks to my parents who conceive me

Everybody else can go them ways and leave me.


Verse 3

When them see you them smile and gwaan like everything nice

It’s no surprise

Just look what Judas did to Christ

It wont be accepted so don’t apologise

For all the suffering you have put me through

Me nah guh compromise

Don’t be apologetic

Cause things are not gonna be copasetic

Forget it and don’t let it

Escalate no more

I’m asking you the same question

I asked before.

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