By Tony Anthony


Children, feed your minds, now, now.

Without vision, your livity, will be harder

Verse 1

Choose to stay in school

Do your work,

Have discipline, yes.

Respect yourselves

Value your life

Believe in you, now

Strive to live your dreams

Make sacrifice

Control yourselves.

Choose the best way

Nuh care whe friends say

Do the things that’s right


Cause yuh nuh simple, n—o yuh nuh soft

Just let your strength, you character

Reveal who you are, my Lord

Cause yuh nuh simple, ye—s yuh a star

Don’t let the place you live,

Poverty, define who you are, no, no.


I know to be poor is not easy, oh , no

And trying to reach the top can take sometime

I know this now

But once you have a dream,

Willing to sacrifice

Believe in yourself

Then nothing or no one,

Should stop you from your

Piece of the pie



Learn, and you will earn, children

Knowledge is the sustenance of life,

My Lord

Verse 2

There is more to life

Than ignorance

Be humble I say

Learn to climb a hill,

When you reach the top

You will see, now, now.

That there are better days,

Man that leads to better days

Stay focus now

When you feed your minds,

It guide your eyes

To wonders and signs.


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