By Baldwin S.A. Howe

Consistency and perseverance are two qualities that guarantees positive growth. These two qualities are

especially necessary if one is to succeed as an artiste trying to make an impact in the Jamaican entertainment environment. Of course, not everyone is blessed with the tenacity to stay the course, to endure the hunger, frustration, disappointment, chicanery, deceit and the myriad of other stumbling blocks that are encountered while one pursue a career in the national and international music industry.

One artiste who have exhibited the stern determination necessary, have weathered many hurricanes and is still remaining on course to fulfil his destiny is Ricardo Pitter, known to us in the national music business as, “Lion Cub.” This young man is truly one of Jamaica’s firebrand deejays. He was born in the parish of St. Catherine on July 25, 1978 and resided at 3 Scarlet Road, in the old capital city of Spanish Town. It is as if Lion Cub was destined to be an entertainer, as the premises in which he resided and grew up as a youngster was the same one in which the K & D Dub Cutting Studio

was located. The recording facility was owned by his uncle who also owned the Miami Vice Sound System which was the then most popular sound system in that area of St. Catherine.

Lion Cub, being exposed to a musical environment almost from birth began getting hands-on

training in certain operations of the music industry. From the tender age of 7 years old, he began learning to cut ‘dub plates’, a year later he became very adept at performing ‘dub’ cutting service. He also began honing his deejaying skills around this time too and very soon became one of the resident deejays ‘toasting’ on the Miami Vice Sound system. He was 9 years old when he was given the opportunity to do what he considers his first professional ‘gig.’ It was actually due to the inspiration and encouragement of two deejay brothers, Little Meeks and Daddy Meeks, who were a very popular duo at the time. His first effort was a ‘special’ titled, “Nah Turn Back”, which he did in combination with Little Meeks, for the Black Champion Sound System.

Lion Cub was involved in all these activities while he was still attending school. He told Reggae Times that despite everything else he enjoyed attending school and was a student at the Macaulay Primary School and later the Spanish Town Comprehensive High from which he graduated at the age of 17.

While doing this exclusive interview with Reggae Times, Lion Cub happily reflected on his past, “Yea Man, I began at an early age, in fact, my uncle owned the studio and before I did my first song with Little Meeks I used to watch my uncle and learnt how to turn on the equipment. So, even when no one was around I used to turn on the equipment and run the machines me an’ me cousin Ramone. So I loved music at an early age, but my parents never saw music as a career, as a way of bringing in the bread every week, so after graduating, I learned the mason trade.”

Lion Cub worked at the trade of being a mason for a few years. His first job was with Walters and Company, which is a construction company based in St Ann’s Bay. He being the kind of person who thrive to be good at what he does became quite adept at working in the construction industry. He, however, had no plans to remain in that profession but during his stint therein he became a father. He soon found himself trapped and was forced to continue working in the construction industry for much longer than he had planned. He smilingly rationalized his overstay this way: “I had to make money to take care of my yute, it was a decision I don’t regret. I did it out of love and a sense of responsibility. But now that the yute is pass a certain age, it is time for me to pursue my career full time again.”

In regards to what is currently taking place in Lion Cub’s life as he continues on this long, hazardous trek that he has resolved to see through to the end; in July 2005, he teamed up with Down Sound based recording studio engineer, and his good friend, Michel Adams. The two are now musically fused and have been hard at work on turning out the kinds of music that will assist to heal the souls of mankind.

Things have began to move in a positive way and it now looks like Lion Cub’s ambition is now coming into view. Songs like “Gas Up” released on the “Sweet Sop” Rhythm received excellent rotation both nationally and internationally. However, since releasing the single titled “Thank You Jah”, in 2005, on a rhythm which was created exclusively for him; a superbly produced recording which was done with such sincerity and reverence that after all this time that he has been campaigning, recording, and performing on numerous stageshows, this song have now forced reggae music lovers and dancehall aficionados to pause, really listen and pay attention to Lion Cub and what he his delivering through his music.

One must, on hearing “Thank You Jah”, agree that the lyrics really speaks of the sheer joy of being alive and the fact that this is only possible because Jah Almighty deems that it should be so. Lion Cub expresses it this way: “Thank You Jah”, which was released on the Down Sound Record label, is a song that whispers to your soul like an early morning breeze.” It must also be noted that because of “Thank You Jah’s” positive impact and message it has grown to become the signature song that popular IRIE- F M’s female radio personality, Ellese Kelly utilises to open her radio show each morning.

The year 2006 was also a very big year for Lion Cub, he proved that he was not a one hit wonder by unleashing another hit released also on the Down Sound label titled, “Sika Sitten.”

Lion cub considers “Sika Sitten” to be his most successful recording to date. Sinch its release the song has raced to the number 4 spot on the “Richie B Record chart”. It has also earned top 10 spots on several other national record charts including the “ER” Top 10 Record charts. The video of the “Sik Sitten” song which forms part of the video-medley featuring other Down Sound artistes such as, Nanko, I-Maroon, Natalie, Mellinum, and Harry Toddler, has garnered wide rotation throughout the television media waves as well as on the night club circuit.

At the time Reggae Times and Lion Cub had this interview he was enjoying across the nation radio rotation with his latest song releases namely, “Across The Ocean” released on the Down Sound Record label; one titled “Danger Zone” done on the “Journey Rhythm”, plus “Love Fe See” and “Fear No Foe”, released on the Trend Setter Record label.

Presently Lion Cub’s main focus, is on the completion of his debut album which is being produced by Joe Bogdonovich, Michael Adams and himself to be released on the Down Sound Record label. This project is expected to be completed and available to the listening public before the middle 2008. In the meantime, Lion Cub continues the work of building new and uplifting music to keep his ever-growing fan base pleased. For Lion Cub the key words are determination, perseverance, and consistency as he continues to grow in the professional endeavour of his choice, music.




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