Stephen and Daniel McGregor

Manoeuvring the Big Ship

Stephen and Daniel, sons of Freddie McGregor, have taken over the sail of the big Ship Studio and have been living up to their McGregor name.

Stephen McGregor, who is the youngest, has been defined in the media as a musical genius. At the age of sixteen Stephen was labled as one of Jamaica’s best producers. As the son of Freddie McGregor Stephen was exposed to music at an early age. The McGregors home studio is where Stephen has built over five hundred (500) rhythms, over the years.

This began since his days at Vaz Preparatory School when he began to write materials after school. At the age of ten (10) Stephen played five instruments including; violin, piano, drum, bass, guitar, which provided him with the basis for much of his work.

Stephen, who is now a past student of Ardenne High School, prefers to stay behind the sense as a producer, leaving his brother Daniel, aka Chino, to be the performer. Stephen told the media he is responsible for most of the new rhythms out and all of Chino stuff. Stephen who recently earned recognition for his mastery as one of the leading rhythm creators of the (RIAJam)/Reggae Academy Awards for both Best Dancehall Rhythm- Tremor-on and for which he won the Best Dancehall Compilation Album.

Some of Stephen’s most recent dancehall rhythm are; Bees Hives, Darker Shadow, Dark Again, Chiney K, Red Bull and Guinness Tremor, Power Cut, Stick out, After Dark and Party Rhythm.

Daniel who is known as Chino, and is the eldest among the McGregor son has dedicated himself as a performer in the entertainment industry and is now constantly in the media eye.

Chino released his debut album ‘Unstoppable’ in Japan, in November of 2007 in which he got great a feedback. Japan Music Magazine ranked Chinos album at number four for Best Reggae Album in 2007.The US version of the album will be available in the summer of 2008.As Chino would say “jus ole heap of work” and it seems as if he is enjoying every minute of his work.

The latest video Chino did, with thanks to his brother controlling the rhythm, was a medley, which was number one on RE.TV video count down for some while.

Chino has collaborated with Aidonia, Wayne Marshall, Bramma and Delly Ranks and has dreams to work with many national and international artistes; on the top of the international list are Jay Z and Pharell.

Stephen and Daniel have the steering wheel of the Big Ship in their grip, they work to manifest their vision, and to ensure that the ship is sailing with full-blown manoeuvred into the future.

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