Andrew Tosh

Carlos Andrew McDonald Mclntosh, who is also known as Andrew Tosh was born 1967 in Kingston, Jamaica. Andrew Tosh carries on the legacy and music of his late father Reggae pioneer, Peter Tosh, a founding member of Reggae music group most heralded ‘The Wailers’. Andrew Tosh was exposed to The Wailers music from birth, as his mother was Shirley Livingstone, sister of Bunny Wailer.

Owning to his father’s promotional commitments, he spent his formative years with his grandmother. By his early teens he was living with his father who taught him the basic elements of music.

Andrew Tosh has grown to be just as soulful a singer as his father was and has been described as a virtual carbon copy Peter Tosh.

Andrew Tosh remembers the event of September 11, 1987 as if it was yesterday, when his father was murdered. Andrew was at a popular dancehall venue called Skateland in Kingston. He said he know something was happening to Peter (his father) but he did not expect that he was being murder and in the way it was done. It was said by Andrew that he felt he would dealt with his father’s death better if they had chopped off Peter’s head with a machete, than to point a gun to his head and fire at point blank range, he couldn’t understand. Since Peter’s death, those who spend time with Andrew know that Peter lies within Andrew.

Many people pre-judge Andrew Tosh, saying he is ignorant, angry and living in the shadows of his father. They say these things without even having spoken to Andrew and without having listened Andrew’s original music. Some are afraid to get close to Andrew Tosh or even look into what he is trying to accomplish because he walk tall, boastful, proud and he does have an arrogant face; he has all these character because he knows he has been chosen to continue the legacy of Peter Tosh.

There is of course, a lighter side to Andrew, He is very compassionate when it comes to his children, 3 girls and 3 boys and his eyes light up as he smiles when talking about his children, wishing they all grow together under one roof and spend time getting to know one another. Family is extremely important to him and he roams from one family home to another in Kingston, daily, just to keep connected to his family. Andrew also tries to visit his Grandmother Alvera Coke (Peter’s Mother) who lives in Westmoreland, Jamaica, as often as possible.

Andrew can be playful and loves to laugh, he does not show that persona very often but when he does, his contagious laughter captivates everyone around him. However, watch out, for as sure as the sun will shine tomorrow, the militant Peter will emerge and the soft side of Andrew will disappear. Typically Peter appears in Andrew when he is being tested, aggravated or when he has been disappointed. Those close to him know that he will snap back and they do not take his words literally, they just wait for Andrew to return.

At the age of 18, Andrew Tosh made his first recording, ‘Vanity Love’, but did not break into the music world full until the day of his fathers funeral. Andrew became determined to continue carrying out his father’s work. He sang “Equal Rights” at his father’s funeral service. Since then, Andrew has recorded several albums.

Andrew made his auspicious recording debut by covering several of his father’s tunes on his 1988 album, “Original Man”, which was remixed and re-released with several dub versions on Heartbeat Records in 1994. Andrew also continued to follow in his father tracks by touring with the Word Sound and Power, in the early 90s. In addition, Andrew has shared many bills with his uncle, Bunny Wailer.

Peter Tosh dedicated his life to humanity and the quest for equal rights and justice for all; Andrew Tosh has dedicated his life to keeping alive his father’s legacy, and making sure that Peter’s message is forever in the minds of humans all over the world. Andrew carries Peter within him like a torch, a beacon, sometimes dark, brooding, militant and unmanageable; but always shining the light of JUSTICE. Take a closer look at Andrew Tosh and his works, listen to his music for yourselves, open up your hearts and minds and let the message touch your inner being.

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