Carol Gonzales DaCasta



Former Resident Magistrate Carol Gonzales DaCosta said goodbye to the judiciary on September 23, 2007. After nine years on the bench, she walked away nationally to resurrect her life as a singer.

Very few people know or remembered Carol Gonzales was a professional singer for quite a while. Carol started singing on the north cost in 1978 and was discovered by a visiting couple, having heard her sing they invited her to the United States to train and record. After completing a year of voice training, the couple who was also her manager could not see eye to eye, so she left.

Returning to Jamaica Carol Gonzales was encouraged by Justice Kay Beckford to study law. She went back to school were she did her ‘A’ Level law, after which she graduated from the University of the West Indies and the Norman Manley Law School, Gonzales was invited to the Magistracy in 1998, after serving as a Clerk of Court and as a Crown Counsel.

Carol Gonzales decision sent several colleagues into a tailspin because, after all, she had achieved what many did not. Carol decision was final, she stated, “I search my soul and my decision was music”. Carol called up Dean Fraser and began working. They recorded nine original songs and have release her album, ‘The Music in Me’ on September 27 at the Terra Nova.

Commenting on the support she has received from Chief Justice Zaila McCalla, Gonzales said, “She is not surprised about my decision. She is a wonderful person and so dignified. She is the essence of what a woman should become”.

It is said that female artistes are more often exploited than male artistes in the Reggae music industry, but that is the least of Carol’s problem, being that she has her legal carer it is said that it might be an obstacle in her collaborations with the Reggae producers. Carol stated, “she is sure that my legal career will not be an obstacle; indeed if persons with whom I do business, conduct themselves in the right and proper manner, they ought not to be afraid of me”.

Carol album expresses her true love for music, and the revelation of her varying styles. It is a mixture of reggae, soft rock, jazz and R & B all of which Carol has carefully and successfully manoeuvred. The lyrics, both originals and covers are positive and spiritually uplifting, with beautiful and memorable melodic contents accompanied by excellent musicianship. It is obvious that the interpretation of each track comes from the depths of the soul of Carol Gonzalez.

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