Mr Vegas will be cutting dubplates on the 8th of April 2008. You can get dubplates from Mr Vegas by setting up your appointment with Irish and Chin Inc.

Irish and Chin Inc. has direct access to the Reggae music industry’s top artists, providing you with quality dubplates in a timely fashion at a reasonable rate.

For more information, please email

Email Instruction:

Subject of email

Mr Vegas Dubplate Day

v Sound name and location

v Songs requested

Once you send the email, you will get back a message shortly with details of the dubplate process.

Payment for dubplates will be made strictly through paypal, if you do not have an account sign up today to get all of the top dubplates.

For more information call

U.S. 1 718 876 6323

JA 1 876 926 7562

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