By Baldwin Howe

This little Island Jamaica, is very closely tied to the United States of America. Of the assumed over 2 million Jamaicans living in the diaspora, (which nearly equals the number of people currently inhabiting Jamaica), most of those are resident in the U.S. Of the millions of dollars remitted to this country, most of that amount comes directly from the U.S. The U.S. is also the main ‘stomping ground’ where Jamaican musicians and entertainers campaign to earn some “food.”

It stand to reason that one can safely say that if the United States even sneezes it registers a negative or positive impact here in Jamaica. And in that same context, it seem somewhat natural that whatever transpires politically in the U.S. is also of the utmost importance to most of us living here.

The latest political developments currently unfolding in that country, the Democrat and Republican’s presidential nomination race has certainly grabbed the focus of many Jamaicans. Although both parties are now engaged in this exercise, most Jamaicans are following the Democratic party’s nomination race more keenly.

This nomination contest is of interest because two of the candidates in it are destined to create history. One is Hillary Clinton, she is trying to become the first elected female president, while the other, Barack Obama, is bidding to become the first elected African-American president.

Needless to say, Barack Obama, a lawyer who hails from the state of Illinois, has captured the hearts of many of us, as well as, many people worldwide. He emerged from obscurity after introducing John Kerry, as the Democratic presidential candidate at the Democratic Convention during the running of the last U.S. presidential election, Kerry lost that race to the Republican incumbent, George Bush, but since then and now, Barack Obama has grown in stature. His rise has been described as meteoric. So much so, that in this year’s impending U.S. presidential elections he is a front running favourite vying for the Democratic Party’s nomination.

He is really giving his contestants a serious run for their money. He surprised the world when he became the first Black man to have won the Iowa caucuses. He however, was narrowly defeated by Clinton in the New Hampshire primary a few days later, much to the surprise of the pundits who all predicted he would’ve been the winner there. He has one more test to pass before we know if he will get the nod to run for the presidency.

Yes Obama has a date with history as he continues to pursue his campaign for the Democratic Party nomination, all the while leaving his rival, Hillary Clinton, continues to swallow the dust he leaves behind.

Most Jamaicans will be closely following what transpires and they are all in support of Barack Obama, and would be glad if he wins all the remaining primaries and go on to become the Democratic Party’s candidate.

Below are some of the comments made when Reggae Times did a Vox Pop survey by speaking to some prominent Jamaican musicians and lay persons:

Popular deejay, Ninjaman said: “A Black man time now. Me would a love if him win.”

Record Producer, George H. Lee said: “It is going to be hard for Barack Obama. America is not ready for a Black President. “

Show Producer, Father Don said: “I don’t know, He might be a White man in Black skin, but

It would be good if he can win it.”

Songwriter, Show producer, Alvin Campbell said: “It would be good but I don’t think he stands a chance against Hillary Clinton.”

Fab 5 band leader, Frankie Campbell said: “I don’t know if America is ready for a Black President. Hilary Clinton will win the nomination.”

Unique Visions Band Drummer, Kingsley Boyd said: “Hillary Clinton will beat Obama for the nomination.”

Popular deejay, Beenie Man said: “I support him 150% (Percent).”

Deejay, Fred Cash said: “A time now fe Black man control things. Obama can’t lose.”

Stone Love Owner, Winston “Wee-Pow” Powell said: “ I would feel good fi Barack Obaman if him win the Presidency of the U. S.”

Record Producer / Club Owner, Witty Henry said: “It is really time for a change in America. I hope Barack Obama win for Black People’s sake.”

Musician, Peter Ashburn said: America has its priorities wrong. They should’ve tried to get rid of Bush’s party. Putting up a woman and/or Black man to run against the Republicans is futile, the Republicans will win again. America is not ready for either a female or a Black President.”

Culture singer, Natural Blacks said: “Me wouldn’t mind it at all if a Black man win the Presidency in America. De time is right for that .”

Gospel singer, Preacher, Delroy Willis said: “If it is God’s will it will be done.”

Guitarist, Dwight Pinkney said: “I would like him fe win yes, but I don’t know if that is possible.”

Singer/songwriter, Dean Stone said: “Bwoy, it a go hard fe a Black man turn President in a America but me woulda glad if him win it.”

Record producer, Jumbo Jordine said: “America nah go mek a Black man turn President in a da country deh but it would be good if him could a do it.”

Radio announcer, Ras Habaku said: “I man support that Black man. I would be happy if he should win the U.S. presidency and help lift up Black People.”

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