The Release of Ce’Cile’s “Bad Gyal” Album


Militant dancehall diva, Ce’Cile, who is comfortable being called the “Bad Gyal” of the dance hall genre, is banking on the summer release of her new album, “Bad Gyal” to get her more cemented in her entertainment career and ensure her longevity as she continues climbing to higher level of her development.

Along with that Ce’Cile release her Bad Gyal album in Europe under the Danger Zone/Kingston/Groove Attack imprints to coincide with Ce’Cile’s European tour and the U.S release under the Danger Zone/SOBE Entertainment imprints, which will feature a two-disc set: one featuring Ce’Cile’s reggae tunes and the other featuring dancehall tracks.

The U.S release of Bad Gyal album comes out of the continued alliance between the Danger Zone Music Group and SOBE Entertainment. the album features the remix of Waiting featuring Shaggy and Dancehall’s Side featuring Beenie Man, produced by Scott Storch.

Ce’Cile believes that this will help people get to understand more about her and how she thinks. She has been signed to SOBE Entertainment for a year and a half.

Ce’Cile writes lyrics that other Jamaican female artistes shy away from for fear of being shunned in Jamaica male dominated music scene. Being the most out spoken, especially on issues concerning women, Ce’Cile have never felt trapped from expressing her stance as being blunt, calculating and brutally honest in her lyrics and subject matter. Her song ‘Do It to Me’, requesting reciprocal oral treatment (taboo in Jamaica) was demanding and in your face encouraging men to be bold and admit to their true bed room behaviour. Faking discloses many women have to resort to that level in order to pacify their partner’s inadequate performance.

Ce’Cile has managed to secure collaboration with elite artistes including; Shaggy, Timberland, Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Sean Paul, Lady Saw and G-Unit Olivia. Finalizing a new record deal with indie label Danger Zone Records/SoBe Ent., Ce’Cile is now focused on wrapping up exclusive tracks for her debut album. The leading single off her album is a remark of her regional dancehall hit ‘Hot Like That featuring Trina’.

cecile-2.jpgAlthough she has come this far by doing things her own wayCe’Cile laughs at the idea of being seen as a role model. Ce’Cile stated “it’s not about setting an example to others in my eyes as being true to myself is enough”.

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