Roaring River and Blue Hole

A Hidden beauty




Not to be confused with the Roaring River that is a tributary to the Dunn’s River in St. Ann’s, this Roaring River and Blue Hole are located just a few miles northeast of Savanna La Mar, in the little village of Shrewsbury. Shrewsbury was one of the 24 estates owned by Peter Beckford, a horse trader who arrived in 1660 and broke his neck some 50 years later when he intervened in a riot in the Jamaica House of Assembly.

There are two sources of the Roaring River. One source of water gushes from an old aqueduct, while the other is a Blue Hole where the upwelling of water flows down to meet the other source in a confluence at a 300-year-old cottonwood tree. Part of the subterranean flow of this river passes through karst limestone caverns snaking through a rock formation across the river from the cottonwood tree.

Going down the river a footpath ascends outcropping to a locked iron gate at the top of the path, where the trail begin on the far side going up to the cave entrance leading down into the depth of the earth. On entering the cave there are asphalt steps which gives an easy walk. After going into the cave, looking above are images of animals and people such as elephants with huge trunks and a profile of a Maroon woman. Going further down into the cave, the images continue, which always seems to crystallize in the visitor’s mind and eyes. A the Roaring River and Blue Hole, there is always something to stop and see at every turn.

river.jpgThe cave leads about 200 meters down to a neighboring town. It is said that slaves used the caves to escape capture by traversing this particular trail. The cave is nicely backlit with electric light in strategic location along the way.

Within the cave, there is a hidden pool where the current is just enough. On exiting the cave there are steps that take you out into the beautiful surrounding, the view on the way down consists of plants, herbs and areas with history that brings the place together.

river31.jpgRustic cabins are available to rent and I-tal food meals can be prepared. For all you people who desire to see a stellar attraction that has yet to be very commercialized, Roaring River and Blue Hole is the spot for you!

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