Little Hero

little-hero.jpgLittle Hero born Paul Nathaniel Gayle from the garden parish of St. Ann. This one such artiste was given talent by the most high to inspire and educate the world with his excellent vocal range and spiritual lyrical content that will help to change the negative people of the world. As a boy in his early teens, Little Hero loved Reggae music with a passion and then decided that music was his life’s dream. Inspired by Bob Marley, Little Hero was motivated to use his vocal and performing talent to pursue a musical career.

Little Hero’s, luck kicked in with the success of his runaway hit “Inna Di Ghetto” this song which was featured on DJ Sunshine’s Real Life rhythm, has given Little Hero career the attention that it craved for.

His first performance was on an event held at Kaiser Sports Ground, promoted by Courtney Cole, Producer of Roof record Label. That groundbreaking performance sky-rocketed bookings for him to perform on several major stage shows island wide. He later performed on major events such as Reggae Sumfest, GT Taylor’s Extravaganza and Sting just to mention a few. His first single entitled ‘Pretty Looks’, was recorded in collaboration with singer Delly Melody and was immediately followed by ‘Wonder’ and ‘Sins’ both on the Roof Label.

Little Hero debut album “Revelation” was first released only in Japan only in November 2007. Revelation includes some of his recent songs such as “Too Much Violence”, “Prayer”, ‘No More War’, ‘Inna Di Ghetto’ along with new material like ‘Revelation Time’ or Town of Sorrow’.

Inna Di Ghetto was released in 2006, this single was first recorded as a solo effort and was produced by Country Cole for his Roof International Record Label, it got some air play but it was the remix featuring Merciless and Action Fire, released on Harvel ‘Gadaffi’ Hearts Annex label, that took the dancehall scene and the charts by storm. It took the number one spot on the B Mobile Mega Jamz Top 20 Reggae Chart, the song rose to number five on the New York Reggae Chart. The song is currently number seven on Richie B Top 30 Reggae Hit List Chart.

Little Hero’s unique style and lyrical content has reached the heart of many people both young and elderly alike. He pledges to continue delivering positive and cultural music and is determined to make a difference.

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