The Huntis Over

Digicel Rising Stars have set the bar for four consecutive years and intends to live up to their expectations.

With auditions just a few days away, Rising Stars organisers have been looking for a host to replace Denise Hunt, whose effervescent personality has helped to draw viewers to the programme.

Auditions were held, and all the women who thought that they got what it takes to host Digicel Rising programme were there, from TV personalities Renee Garel (Lady Renee) and Kiki one of Rising Stars Chill Room queen to Miss Jamaica World winners Yendi Phillipps, Sara Lawrence and contestant Sanique Vacianna.

Energetic and Charismatic these were the main features the organisers of Rising Stars were looking for. Most of the ladies were indeed energetic and charismatic about them, but there could only be one host. After the judges had sieve through the best of he best and deliberated among themselves they came out with the cream of the crop, Yendi Phillipps Miss Jamaica world winner for of 07

Yendi is pursuing her Master’s degree in Recreation and Leisure Management, having completed a Bachelor’s degree in Dance. She taught dance for three years in Jamaica and worked for a year as a student event programmer in New York. Dancing is her special talent, whether it be modern, jazz, African or traditional Caribbean. Her ambition is to run her own business as a dance educator and promoter of holistic wellness programmes. As well, as dance. Her motto is “Life is short so do everything with wholehearted commitment; love life and live in love!”

Yendi has her work cut out with Portmore and St Thomas added to the usual four locations for auditions. The auditions will kick off in St. Thomas at the Paul Bogle High School on Saturday April 26.

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