Coyaba River Gardens and Museum

This beautiful park and museum is located 420 feet above sea level on the grounds of a perfectly manicured plantation. The word “Coyaba” means paradise in the Arawak language. At Coyaba, you will learn about several cultures: Taino Indian, Arawak and Spanish. An extensive collection of art facts and trinkets are the focus of the museum’s exhibits. The stone courtyard will leave you breathless, as well as the wide range of tropical plants, flowers and small fountains that decorate the premises. Amazing views of the Bay of Ocho Rios, the shade of giant banyan and cedes trees. Blue Mountain Coffee served in a cut-stone courtyard, a natural aquarium filled with mullet, snappers and turtles.

Coyaba also offers special moonshine festivals with Calypso music, Jonkunnu masquerades, fire and limbo dancers. The garden is also available for weddings, gala dinners, cocktails and group functions. A recording studio is located on the property.

Stroll leisurely and enjoy the beauty while feeding the fish or take a guided tour. Wooden walkway allows you to view the flowers in all their beauty, anthurims, heliconias, pink ginger lilies and rampant vines.

Reflect on your history with a stroll through the Arawak Indian Museum and see exhibits and art facts spanning a part of Jamaica’s history, visit the on site gift shop for craft and Jewellery.

Contact: by mail: Coyaba River Garden and Museum
Shaw Park
Estate, PO Box 18, Ocho Rios, Jamaica
876-974-6235. E-mail:

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