I’ve Got To


Artist: Sizzla

Uh-huh uh-uhh.....
Dont let them fool yu
Thanks and praise onto the conquering lion
Of the tribe of judah
Now I've got to, smoke up the herbs
I've got to, make love to my girl
I've got to, praise selassie I the first
Rival ruler of the earth
I've got to, love selassie I
I've got to, smoke the herbs and get high
I've got to, tell the truth, i tell no lie
Verse 1:
The marijuana buss inna mi head,mi shout out JAH
Music get to mi ???? and mi shout out say wah
You thought I leff di good stuff nah
Mi still deya
Babylon, stop fight the marijuana
Chant bogo man pon di riddim si dem rite
Give praises, keep on blazing up dat inna pipe
There goes the day, here comes the night
Same story, same struggle inna same life
Verse 2:
How's for the yute a man, its the only secrament
Marijuana it has been used 
To make the holy document
I now its the healing herbs, why the argument
So dem fighting it, ask dem a Wah do dem
I got it and i'm surrounded by the clouds
Smoking the chalice I'm surrounded by the clouds
Stuffing it,puffing it
On a spliff much bigger than yours
It cure the sickness, disease its the cure
Verse 3:
Dem nuh like it, ask dem why
Use it for meditation, health purpose
Medicine all cost
Wit its buds and leaves and seeds all camoflauge
Yo so much herbs, yea for the all interoute
So bring your friends and come along
Make us all smoke it off
Marijuana haa, yea
Repeat Verse 1
I just cant do with out it

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