Elephant Man “Let‘s Get Physical”

O’Neil Bryan popularly known as Elephant Man had been absent from the National Music Charts for quite a while. He has been busy working on his latest album project “Lets Get Physical” in New York. “Let’s Get Physical” will be his first album to be release on P Diddy Bad Boy Label. “Let’s Get Physical” represents a lot of change for Elephant Man, being that he is no longer signed exclusively to Reggae Label VP Records, and is now co-signed to VP Records and Bad Boy Records headed by Sean “Diddy” Combs. This has given Elephant Man a mainstream approach on the new album. The album was released on April 13, 2008, after being push back three times too long.

The media asked Ele about his time spent away; he replied I was in New York in the mixing labs alongside Diddy and a host of other artistes such as Wyclef Jean, Swizz Beats and Baby G, trying to get a perfect sound track.

He also stated that this album, in his own view would be one of his best. In addition, to mixing labs they did exclusive recordings with several popular artistes, Young Jock, Assassin, Shaggy and Chris Brown, Rihanna, Maya and Kat DeLuna.

Ironically, rumours of an Ele vs. Daddy’s ‘beat down’ surfaced around November 2007, the initial release month of ‘Let’s Get Physical’. Elephant Man response to this was as straight forward as it gets “Nutt’n no go so”, say a slightly irate Elephant Man, after me a no coke head or out a me mind fi know say di man sign me an me go dis him dem way deh. Elephant Man explained to the media that. “The reason the album take so long a jus’ because we couldn’t move until we get clearance (from the various artistes management companies) to use the song dem… because we no want a song out a road a play an man sue we because we no go bout it the right and proper way!”

Elephant man “Let’s Get Physical” is the talk of the summer, nationally and internationally.

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