Dutty Yo!!!
K. Licious (?)
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah
Dutty Yo!
Yo yo yo yo!
Sean Paul a mek di whole world know

From a gal nuh up to date wi deport dem
Can’t keep up wit di trends wi report dem
If a nuh di modeling type wi nuh court dem
But if a di big beauty queen wi support dem

Again wi nuh sorry, a dutty wuk di gal dem ina every territory
But wi hafi start keep dem ina category
Mandatory alla mi gal dem hafi fit, dem hafi ready
Can’t keep up wit di trend man a lef it
Bad man nuh sorry cause wi done hit di cherry
Done legendary nuff gal wah fi marry
One ting wi hafi tell dem necessary
Big-up unu self if unu got it

Chorus 2x

Yo, perform honorary
Wuk ina di gal dem mek dem feel well merry
Not imaginary nuff a dem a seh mi very sexy
Dem well wah Dutty come burry
But wi hafi tell dem one ting customary
Keep it tight just like di military
And mek sure yuh tight extra-ordinary
Three, four, five gal ina mi contrary
Now maintain hype yah Kerry

Chorus 2x

Unu listen to di words wah Sean Paul a him a chat
And big-up unu self if unu deh pon di top
Unu chat, unu stop, yuh get because yuh fat
And dutty cup yute dem never a want dat
Dem big, wi tell dem leave ya
Cause wi nuh wahn nuh grate up wit alligator
Wi talk straight, gal hafi shape
And when dem walk pon di road dem hafi cause man headache


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