Anthony B

Anthony B embodies all that Reggae music is spiritually and proactive. Draped in the rich colours of African cloth, his trademarked staff in hand, and his dreadlocks wrapped regally on his head.

Anthony B’s musical journey started in the church, back when he was still called Keith Anthony Blair. Anthony B lived in Clark’s Town, Trelawney where he immersed in the thunderous chants and rhythm of Revivalism and the Seventh Day Advertise church, where honed his soon-to-be signature vocals. In his formative years, the artistes also cleaved to the music of Otis Redding and the incomparable Peter Tosh.

In 1992, Anthony B left his hometown and set out to his fateful mark on Kingston’s music scene. He rebuked trend of girls and gay lyrics popular at the time and remained faithful to the words of spiritual consciousness and social conviction. Anthony B’s lyrical genius and his captivating, energetic performance in the Caribbean, North America, Europe and Africa. In 2003 and 2004, he was given a king’s welcome in Gambia and Senegal. In 2004 he solid out shows in Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Belgium, France, Italy and Germany.

Anthony B’s rich vocals and audacious lyrics carry a depth and substance which is rare in the industry. Internationally, his fan-base has grown because he speaks about the universal concerns of suffering and salvation. “The best thing about reggae is that it’s about concepts and ideas,” says the artiste.

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