Moxon’s Beach Club


Moxon’s creator, Mrs. Johanne McDonald, a charming and engaging woman has built and re-defined comfort. This place is like stumbling upon hidden treasure, yet not being part of a treasure hunt. This exclusive, Intimate, Boutique Hotel is 8 miles east of Ocho Rios in quaint Stewart Town, (Boscobel St. Mary), directly over the ocean.

Moxon’s Beach Club consists of four (4) levels, built on a cascading slope that leads to its own white sand beach, it is flanked by two large piers set on the beautiful tropical turquoise waters of the one-mile reef. Members can join us at the Beach Bar by small boats and or jet skis from neighbouring homes and hotels. Swimming and snorkelling can keep one in the warm water for hours at a time. At night the horizon like glistening pieces of jewellery as they seem to be drawn to the moon beams illuminating the sea.

The classy small boutique type hotel has a capacity of twenty (20) rooms, with 80% of the rooms having a breathtaking view of the Boscobel Lagoon; what is of note and a fact that every room has its own charm and distinct design.

Englishman Timothy Moxon, who later handed it over to his brother Oliver, after making a few appearances in several James Bond flicks, originally built Moxons. Oliver was married to Baroness Bonita who was a chef, with her cuisine skills Moxon’s quickly became, from the 70s to the early 90s a much required culinary destination frequented by celebrities such as; Henry Kissinger, Elizabeth Taylor, Bob Marley, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Peter Tosh and Boy George…to name a few. After the couple died the location was then sold to Italians who used it mostly for corporate and family meetings. The luxurious days of Moxon’s as vanished and only those who were privileged to experience the glory days can have a recollection of its beauty.

Moxon’s was merely a structure of a building in 2004, when Johanne McDonald who is affectionately called Ms Mac saw where she could create a master piece. In 2005, her interests grew in this dilapidated building and she bought the location. The single mother who had survived cancer decided that after the battle she could survive anything. Although she views Moxon’s as a formidable task, it was a task she was willing to take on. McDonald who has been a mother and father to her children dabbled in many careers including; “Film and Television Production, Acting, Modelling, Real Estate Sales, Stock Broking and travelling the world”. She decided to acquire the Moxon’s property after growing tired of living in the Miami Beach for the past eighteen years where she was restoring Art Deco properties.

With a numerous amount of discouragement from family and friends, McDonald decided to add some new trades to her life style in order to get this project completed and not losing unnecessary money. This well refined woman released her militant side. She also became a jack-of-all-trades within the three days of her arriving in Jamaica, she knew little about. McDonald became a Design architect, contractor, architect engineer and supervisor to ninety three (93) men workers on a daily double shift.

Johanne McDonald decided on a double shift system not only to ensure that the work was being done efficiently, but to also ensure that the tools were not benign stolen. “There would be one tool to two people who worked on the different shifts so if a particular tool went missing I would know only one of the two people would be the culprit” McDonald explained to Reggae Times.

McDonald militancy did not prevent her from being the charming and loving person she is. She built a wonderful relationship with her staff becoming a mother, councillor and friend. But made it clear to her staff that they all had a job to do and she is expecting it to be done. On one occasion, she said that she had to fire thirty-five (35%) per cent of her crew on the spot. McDonald told Reggae Times that she does not want people to mistake her kindness for weakness; she also stated, “If they kill me they will be no work for the other sixty five (65) per cent”. Another challenge McDonald had was getting her staff to speak Standard English. At first, she did not understand them but with a little work, they began speaking fluent English.

The finish product of Johanne McDonald blood, sweat and tears is now a work of art. Moxon tropical garden encompasses a small, concealed cave area for private sunbathing. With the property holding on to its traditional culinary Art, reputation if there is need for exclusivity like your own butler, cook and driver, a discreet call is all that is needed.

Need a time-out? Come to Moxon’s, an environment, which whispers comfort, rest, and relaxation.

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