The group is comprised of Lukie D, Trilla U, Singing Melody and Tony Curtis. L.U.S.T. guarantees to have any audience, whether young or old; local or international, rocking all the way through to the end of their performances, with an outstanding selection of chart topping songs. The talented quartet has each archived individual success worldwide on various music scenes.

With hits like “Sweetness of Your Love”, to their fame, in 1998 under the management of Paul “Bankie” Giscombe. L.U.S.T. set a new record when they won an astonishing five awards at the Jamaica Music Awards(JMA) including those for “Best New Artiste”, “Best Live Performance for Group” and “Best Vocal Performance for Group”. The group also took home a Tamika Award and two Binns Music Awards.

Over the years, the group has worked with many of the best producers in Jamaica such as Mikey Bennett, Big A from Irie FM and Mikey John who was responsible for L.U.S.T. hit “Run Free” on his “Zion Gate” rhythm. L.U.S.T. has performed on some of the most impressive stages around the world including MIDDEM, the world wide music conference in France.

The group’s name L.U.S.T. is an acrynym, each letter representing one of the four members. They are:-

Lukie D was born Michael Kennedy in Kingston, Jamaica. He grew up in a musical family and his love for music and natural talent for singing was evident from birth. Lukie D used to follow his mother to the legendary Studio 1, his stepfather Devon Russell was a member of the Sugar Belly Band and his grandfather played music. In his long lasting and successful career, Lukie D has worked with producers such as King Tubby, King Jammy’s, Bobby Digital and Exterminator. He has travelled all over the world performing in countries from Europe to Asia, USA to the Caribbean. Lukie D has had many hit singles like “Praises Be”, “Back Up Back Up”, “Role Out” with his biggest hit being “Center of Attraction”.

Eustace Hamilton popularly known as Trilla U, hails from Kingston, Jamaica. Trilla U, who describes himself as a singer, songwriter and entertainer, has been in the music business professionally . Trilla U worked in Japan for over 7 years with record labels such as Avex Traxx, The Vena and JVC. He also worked with many top international producers and artistes such as Guru from Jazzmatazz, KRS 1, UB40 and Maxi Priest. Trilla U has toured the world to perform his hit songs including “I Believe”, “Let’s Stay Together” and a duet with Johnny P “16 (Young and She Green)”. To mention all of Trilla U’s chart hits would be too much since he has released 11 successful albums in his career that started with the recording of “Love Song (Sad Song)” on Fattis Burrell’s Exterminator label.

Singing Melody was born in Kingston, Jamaica as Everton Hardweare. He started his career as an artiste in 1987 with the recording “Tie Me” for King Tubby. Overall, in his career Singing Melody had numerous chart hits locally as well as internationally, such as “Want You Back”, “Let Flow”, “Groovy Kind of Love”, “Shower Me With Your Love”, “Same Ole Love” and in 2005 the Christopher Birch production “Real Love”. His 2002 album “Expression” produced another smash hit with “Say What”. Singing Melody smooth and silky voice has captured his audience around the world, his 1990 release “Sayonara Tokyo” almost reached anthem-like status in Japan. In his solo career Melody has worked with renowned producers such as Steelie & Clevie, Sly & Robbie, Bobby Digital, Jack Scorpio and Edgar Parish. He has performed at major shows such as the Air Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival, Reggae Sumfest, Reggae Sunsplash and the New York Music Festival and won many awards for his work including two Martin’s International Reggae Award.

Tony Curtis
was born Curtis O’Brien in St Catherine and was raised in Kingston, Jamaica. He started his professional music career in 1989 under the guidance of Clive Kennedy at which time he recorded his first song, a cover version of “Tell Me You Will”. The song “Butterfly”, which is a duet with Jigsy King, was Tony’s first hit in 1993. He followed with a string of hit such as “Rolling”, “Sweet Lady”, “My Sound A Murder”, “Nobody” and “High Grade”, his biggest hit to date. Tony Curtis also worked with Courtney Cole of Roof International Records as well as the producers Bobby Digital, Black Scorpio and Stone Love. Tony Curtis has released three albums “Designing Woman” in 1994, “Power of Love” and “Stronger and has had number 1 songs on the charts in Japan, Jamaica, and Europe.

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