Girl Pon The Side

By Steve ‘Frisco Kid‘ Wray

Hey, yuh see the gal dem

Big up mi hotti hotti gal cause a she juck the best
Jah know mi love the suppen whey da gal yah possess
Right yah now tings a manifest
An mi wife out fi lef
An fi tell yuh the truth mi nuh press
Caah the gal pon the side juck the best
All when she ready fi guh love an caress
An she have the bumper an the chess
Some other gal a vex
Right yah now a she mi have inna mi nest

Mi baby mother fren dem a blow like a storm
Caah mi likkle hotti hotti frennie dem a gwaan
Dem tell har how mi regular roun a Bay Farm
Dem sure say a mi cause dem know mi car horn
She tell mi say how she hear say a mi a juck Dawn
An mi all buy chini brush roun a Tom
The other day wi ketch up an she tell mi she gone
Big an serious mi tell har fi gwaan
Caah when di hotti hotti dem come fi swarm
Caan keep mi peace an mi caan keep mi calm
Di likkle hotti hotti dem know fi perform
Dem know whey fi duh when dem waan turn mi on


Mi gal pon di side haffi get har rating
Most married man have a next gal dating
When mi an mi likkle hot gal dem mating
One bag a pattan an style creating
When mi an mi hotti hotti dem inna bathroom
Mi naah try resist caah mi know sey mi doom
A nuff time mi dream way an float go a moon
Mi swear pon mi grandfather tomb


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