rdx.jpgRDX duo, Delomar and Renegade have hit the big times in a relatively short time since getting their big break just over a year ago.

The duo, recently signed on with Universal Japan to produce their first album. Universal Music Japan (Umusic Japan) is a subsidiary of the U.S.-based Universal Music Group (UMG) and is the largest record label in Japan. Universal Music Group has a 25.5% market share and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vivendi.

The one album deal was sealed by RDX Publishing Company Jamdown Music based in the UK and will feature 14-tracks including popular songs like “Dance”, “Everybody Dance” and “Dancers Boom” as well as two bonus cuts.

Now reaping some fruits from years of hard work, dedication and commitment, the very organized and businesslike duo have been strategically putting various plans in place, setting goals and meeting deadlines to ensure future success.

They recently returned to Jamaica after a good performance at the West Indian Social Club in Hartford last weekend and they are next scheduled to perform at shows in New Jersey in June and Boston in July.

In addition to working on their album, RDX have three upcoming video shoots.

“Right now we are about to shoot three videos. We will be re-shooting Everybody Dance video, where we will use the same Dutty Fridaze scene and then shoot a piece in Japan, because we want to get the Japanese dancers involved. And that video I think will be exclusive in Japan for the time being,” Delomar explained.

The other two videos that RDX will be shooting in addition to their re-make of Everybody Dance, is one for their current single Dancer’s Anthem and another video for their latest release called Daggarin.

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