Harry Toddler

Bad Man Nuh Dress Like Girl

Shelly, a who yuh a ramp wid
Man nuh play wid dem ting deh innuh
Oh sarry, mi tink a Shelly
Lud gad, yuh see it, a dat happen innuh
When yuh see some bwoy look like gal
Dis big drop curl ting
A Harry Toddler from Scare Dem, lud gad!

Badman nuh dress like girl
We nuh bore nose an wi nuh bleach face an
We nuh wear drop curl
Some freaky freaky bwoy fi stop dress like girl


Verse 1:
Mi look bush and bashy
Inna mi Moschino and mi latest Vasace
We nuh bore nose an wi nuh too Jheri
Natural as mi born a so mi gal dem tell mi
Hey yow,
Some bwoy get drawn out
Face guh bleach out, deh pan a wrong route
Look like a gal when him a guh out
Dem mistake him tek him fi gal inna crowd

Scare Dem nuh dress like girl

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Verse 2:
Nuh man nuh look suh
See dem up suh, see dem dung suh
Know say Monster Shack dem naah dress suh
Yes yes, di wrong song him guh sing
Him nose guh bore him a wear belly skin
Fi lef dat to Cicilyn and Jacqueline
Scare Dem knock him out with a cold Heinekin, sing


Verse 3:
Him guh use the wrong remedy
See it deh niw him face a bruck way like crockery
Bwoy get jealous and waan imitate Jackie
People see him an tek him turn mockery
Bwoy guh bruck Nadinola factory
Talk bout him waan fi look like Suzie
Thru him waan di gal dem call him Cutie
Yuh might get a kick out a mi Monster booti, General B


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