Macka Diamond


Born in Kingston, Charmaine Munroe aka Macka Diamond  was  grew up in Portmore. She attended Holy Childhood High School where she lived for the day when she could live her dreams of becoming a DJ. According to Macka own account, sometimes she used to skull art class and go around the back of the school to entertain with her deejaying and singing skills.

Daughter of Reggae Producer Phillip Munroe, Macka was surrounded by music from an early age. Gregory Isaacs and Sly & Robbie were familiar faces to the teenage Macka, but it was hearing Sister Nancy that convinced her she too could be a singer. Rather than using her father as a connection, after years of enduring the Mackerel name given by producer, Munroe announced a image name and

Macka Diamond started out as Lady Charm, and recorded her first song ‘Don Girl’ a counteraction to Major Mackerel’s ‘Don Ban’. However, the producer insisted she had to use Lady Mackerel. She cried the whole time but she submitted to the name change. Macka always knew she would change that name. After years of enduring the Mackerel name given by producer, Munroe announced a new image name and lyrical flow in 2003.

Now, with records in the charts, and her new name established, Macka Diamond has signed with Green sleeves Records, in which she released her debut album tilted Money O in 2006. The 20-track CD saw Macka working with top flight dancehall producers such as Steelie & Cleevie, Shane Brown, Don Kelly and more.

Macka is also showing Jamaica her ability of acting with her debut on Royal Palm Estate, with all of this on her plate the Money Geodesist plans to take it day-by-day, one-step at a time.

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