By Red Rat

Oh Nooooo,
Well dis is Red Rat’s cry,
To deh people and from deh yutes which is I and I,
To deh yutes eh fi gi a helpin’ hand.
Yeh the struggle lawd and I and I understand.

(Yo! Singin’ it off deh streets,)
(yeh! No ‘ave got shoes, sleepin’ on deh col’ concrete.)

In the jungle the cardboard jungle the lion sleeps tonight,
(dis is serious!)
in the jungle the cardboard jungle the lion sleeps tonight.

Verse 1
Yo !
Street side are we base,
We don’t have we own place,
On the bushead we jam,
Out of bare backs we am,
Time hard so you can’ wash face.
An’ if you see we ‘pon deh streets I jammin’
Me and di tear up batty pants crew hangin’
An’ nuff people we beg,
Some tun wi dem head,
So we a presha dem lawd,
We tun naggin’.
Dat’s why we grab we bucket and clots,
Wash people car an’ clean deh glass,
But every now an’ den some stooge folks pass,
Me all cop dem window and tell we no boss.
An’ we would beg dem a ten or a twenty,
Dat’s small to dem but to we ah plenty,
When we ah hustle da road,
We really cannot afo’d,
Fi nigh’ come and we pocket empty,


Verse 2
Fi wear ah Hilfiger is me greatest wish,
An’ I eat sumptin’ outta pirate’s dish
Me have a one shoes it look Nike Airish,
Cah me write Nike ‘pon deh Air Jordan swish.
Somebody come check me fi go fight politics,
Seh election a come an’ me wi make money quick,
But when me run back di video listen to di skit,
Me no tink me body ‘gree wi dah yon public.
Well, look how me slim like me deh ‘pon dah yacht,
Me ah de holy magga one all am iffa belly fat,
Anna if na but starvation do dat,
Dats why Goofy favor want to cah fi Red Rat Bat,
‘Cause, street side are we base,
We no have we own place,
On deh bushead me jam,
Outta bare backs we am,
Time hard so you can wash face.

(Hey! Well fi finda shelta for di homeless yutes!)

(Hey! Dis is serious, we no wan’ no excuse,)


(Oh Nooo!)

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