bushman-get-it-in-your-mind-2008.jpgBushman and Burning Bushes Music are proud to present the album “Get It In Your Mind.” The album is Bushman’s first independent release on his own label. “Get It In Your Mind” contains songs that were produced by various producers in many different studios throughout Jamaica and some were even recorded in Bushman’s own studio, the Green House Studio in St Thomas, Jamaica.

This album features singers Richie B and Prince Jabba, as well as, producers such as: Fabon Francis, Kabs, Negus-esh, Dwayne Bacchas, Christopher Pearce, Tramaine Allen, Michael Williams, Togetherness Records, Rawl Productions, Dwight Duncan, Stephen Gibbs, Denovan Germaine, Glen Brown and Royal Braithwaite.

”Get It In Your Mind” is a 15-track album with a special DVD enhancement that includes a video for the song called “Gun Ting”. Each of these songs was specially hand picked by Bushman to be placed on this album.

Bushman will be touring Europe and North America this summer in support of his album release.


Singing My Song

Radio Interlude Featuring Richie B

Rasta uh Dead

Source of Life (Black Rose)

Nuttin Nah Gwan


Artiste Interlude

Scent Of A Man

Get It In Your Mind


Cant Get The Best Of Me

Born Fi Di Ting

Set Example

When You Touch Me

Call On Jah Featuring Prince Jabbo

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