rockfort_bath.jpgRockfort Mineral Bath is one of the quiet and delightful locations to visit in Kingston. It is located on the eastern edge of the city on the main approach from the airport. Visitors from all over come to experience its invigorating waters. Cozily nestled in a garden setting, the mineral bath consists of a main public swimming pool and a number of Jacuzzi-type private baths. The therapeutic value of the mineral-rich waters flow from the Rockfort Hills.

The origins of the Rockfort Bath is uncertain, but it is believed to have appeared miraculously following the 1907 earthquake. It quickly became popular throughout Jamaica as a spa, and even now, visitors can indulge themselves in a variety of relaxing ways, from picnicking and swimming to getting a massage or whirlpool treatment. There are public and private bath areas as well as a dining area.

The water, which is very radioactive, is piped from a cold spring in the surrounding hills. The spa, which is operated commercially, has several bathhouses, supplied with warm water, and a large swimming pool. Like the other mineral spas, Rock Fort Mineral Bath is believed to have healing properties.

Address: Rockfort

Tel: 1 876 938 5055

Open Hours 7a.m,-5:30p.m. Monday – Saturday

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