It is expected that fun will continue to unfold and humour will flow with the hilariously new “Ity & Fancy Cat Show”. Produced by Ellis International, the new stand-up comedy showcase is aired on Television Jamaica Ltd (TVJ) on Fridays, at 9:30pm; with a re-broadcast on Tuesdays at 11:30pm.

Unquestionably rated among the top stand-up comedy acts in Jamaica, Ity & Fancy Cat is an engaging and entertaining comedic duo with a proven record of originality, consistency, and professionalism. They win hearts, command applause, and create thunderous laughter anywhere they perform. They enjoy tremendous popularity in Jamaica, and their work extends to appreciative audiences in North America, the UK and all over the Caribbean.

They were the Gleaner awardees for Best Comic Duo” two years in a row, and they have established an enviable reputation with their spontaneity, versatility and exciting stage presence. In addition to their expansive repertoire of jokes, stories, impersonations, impressions and dance moves; this duo also boasts an amazing capacity to adapt their content and delivery to suit the sensibilities of a wide range of audiences. Simply put, they make people laugh, they do it every time; and they are equally effective in any setting.

It’s these comedic skills, and their popularity throughout the world, that has spawned “The Ity & Fancy Cat Show”. This weekly half-hour production is what Jamaicans have been waiting so patiently for…comedy central in their own back yard.

The show’s content will consist of the following segments:

“INTRO” will feature a FAME 95FM disc jockey, joined by a group of dancers, and Ity & Fancy Cat, welcoming the viewers and informing them on the night’s line-up.

They take to the streets for comic moments, or the joke of the day, from a member of the public in JOKE OUT A ROAD.

“CELEBRITY ON THE SPOT is a segment featuring celebrities from all areas of public life such as: actors, musicians, politicians, athletes and other popular personalities. In addition to sharing interesting biographical facts and trivia, guests will be encouraged to step out of their regular selves and indulge their sense of humour. Ity & Fancy Cat will present new and interesting approaches to interviewing a guest. Sometimes the guests may end up interviewing Ity & Fancy Cat!

In the “VIDEO WATCH/PARODIES” segment, Ity & Fancy Cat will choose a music video, or song, and create a humorous twist.

“A DAT ME HEAR news segment will deliver hilarious takes on topical issues and humourous commentary on current events. Sometimes Ity & Fancy Cat will agree on an issue, but sometimes they hear and see it differently; ending up with the delivery of a comical debate. This segment will be specially presented by a sponsor.

“GUEST PERFORMANCE” is an entertaining segment featuring live performance by a first-rate stand-up comic or novelty act from Jamaica or overseas.

“SING AND SMILE” will promote the joy of singing and smiling! Ity & Fancy Cat will provide a series of interesting, witty, innovative lyrics for each new episode. Viewers will be encouraged to put the lyrics to rhythm and record it. Rule: It must be funny! People could either:

a) Use their video phones to record and E-Mail entries or,

b) Invite the “Sing And Smile” camera to their workplaces, community corners, or wherever, to shoot people doing their song and smile! Entries will be collected, and edited, with funny narratives from Ity & Fancy Cat (sort of in the style of America’s Funniest Home Video)

“OUTRO” will be the segment where you will get the Bloopers with Ity & Fancy Cat’s final words.

Technical services are provided by the Video Factory; with Shelly-Ann Weeks as Production Manager.

The “Ity & Fancy Cat Show” is brought to you by: Courts Jamaica Ltd & Digicel, in association with TVJ, Fame 95FM, WATA, The Star, Buzzz Magazine and Toyota Jamaica.

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