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Clive McKerney is one of those people whose spirit is one of pure positiveness. He has been an active member of the Jamaican music fraternity from the age of 14 years old. Now at the age of 44 he is still very active, having given over 30 years of his life to the music business. Because of his loving and caring nature, he earned the name, Jah Roots.

In 1993, Jah Roots produced and released his first recording; “Say Pray”, on his Inity Lion record label. He also produced an all-star album titled, “Children of the Black Emperor.” The album features such artiste, as Benny Hill who did, “Don’t let the devil get you out”, Ratigan working on one titled, “Revelation”, Inity Lion worked on, “Days of Slavery”, Chubby Mello did, “Have Mercy On Me”, Wolf Man sang, “Jah I Depend On You” and Montgomery did vocals on, “Criss and Clean” Rolex did, “I Wanna Know.” Jah Roots added his touch to the project by singing, “Gone A Foreign”, “Clean Up Your Kingdom”, “Gone Abroad” and “Pray.” The “Children Of The Black Emperor album, is a widely sought after album in Australia and this makes Jah Roots a very popular Reggae artistes in the land down under. His song, “Gone A Foreign is a perennial favourite there. The album is exclusively distributed in Australia by Reggae Down Under, a Australia based company.


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Jah Roots, because of his love for trying youths, is currently the advisor to Bermudian born artiste, Magma, as well as popular singer Lion Cub. Jah Roots is currently working on a new album and have completed the vocals for some new songs; one titled, “They Take I from the East”, the other, “The Road to Africa”. Jah Roots expects to complete this project by year-end.

Recently he performed at the prestigious Hilton Hotel and gained rave reviews for doing several Dennis Brown songs. The footage of his performance is now receiving constant rotation on all the national cable television stations.

Jah Roots is now in preparation for a world tour, which will see him performing in the U.S., Germany, Canada, France and Africa. He recently starred on a Guiness Stout advertising campaign soon to be released. Jah Roots is constantly spreading his branches in the music business while continuing to spread love and doing positive works.

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