Bounty Killa, whose real name is Rodney Pryce, a man considered one of the Dancehall’s major icons, is quoted in the national media to be requesting that, the security forces consider allowing dancehall events to go beyond the current 3:00 a.m. shut down time on a Friday night.


The “Warlord” pulled no punch while addressing members of the national media at the launch of Lena British’s “Up Ya Fridays”, held at 2 Chelsea Avenue on Friday September 5, last. During his talk, he opined that the early cut-off time is the reason for the lower than expected turnout at the event that night.


In that same interview, they quoted him saying, “Di Jamaican people not working with the 11:00(p.m.) –3:00 (a.m.) t’ing, an’ it a mash up nuff people party.”


Bounty Killa, it is said was surprisingly complimentary of the police’s efforts in their crime fighting exploits but hasten to add that as good as the action was it was bankrupting legal enterprises, such as, ‘live’ stage shows and dancehall events.


The report said that Bounty kill expressed that, “Inna week people afi work, an’ Saturday followed by Sunday which is a church day, but Friday fi ‘low man.  Di police need fi give the industry a little leverage and work with the people not against the people.” 


In referring to the “Up Ya Friday” launching of its weekly event, he is quoted as saying, ”This event is a Friday t’ing as’ this area (Chelsea Ave., New Kingston), a nuh residential area, so mek dem ca use likkle leverage on Fridays?

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