A Treasure on the Beach

1183039_12040702972327.jpgNestled on the shore of south St. Elizabeth‘s Calabash Bay, Jack Sprat is a hidden treasure.  No wonder it is located on the popular treasure beach.  Jack sprat is one of two restaurants on the Jake’s resort. With its stunning view of the sea, it makes the perfect spot to dine and watch the sun set.

It is great for liming and the price of both food and drinks are very affordable. Offered on their menu is anything seafood; authentic Jamaican prepared fish, conch, lobster, prawns, shrimp and even octopus . When you get there be sure to try their seafood pizza, a scrumptious delight that fuses the spicy taste of garlic, basil and tomato sauce, and chunks of seafood of your choice.

St Elizabeth may seem a far distance to many to travel for food but diners from all over the island visit Jack Sprat for the delectable and unique seafood dishes.

By Tashan Hendricks

A Treasure on the Beach

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