Reggae Times (RT) was founded in the summer 1993, as one of the first print magazines in the world to focus on Reggae music and culture. Inspired by the launch of Hip Hop / R& B publication Vibe Magazine, Reggae Times had the vision of bringing Reggae’s rich heritage, inspirational sound and unique culture to the world. In 1999, as the ‘dot.com’ boom was beginning to heat up, ReggaeTimes.com was launched as the next evolution of the publication. Over the years Reggae Times has continued to strive to be the cornerstone of Reggae music reaching current and potential Reggae followers in every corner of the world.



Reggae music has been one of the world’s most adored music genres for over 50 years due to its message of social awareness, vibrant personality and legendary artistes (such as Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff and Peter Tosh). Over the past decade Reggae music’s presence on the world stage has exploded due to career breakouts by artistes such as Damian (Jr. Gong) Marley, Shaggy, Rihanna, Sean Paul, Matisyahu and Sean Kingston. The crossover of Reggae with other genres to create fusions like Dubstep and Reggaeton, is also contributing to the growth in its following and the culture behind it.

In an age when the internet has made it is easier and faster to get music from anywhere in the world, Reggae has lagged others in leveraging the power of the internet. Reggae does not get the credit it deserves…Reggae Times wants to change this. We seek to connect the world in a meaningful way to the music and culture through news, events, icons and the history of Reggae using insightful journalism, and unique opportunities to interact with the music. We seek to be the voice and home of Reggae.

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