Anaicon promote new album in the United States

Recently at the Triple Century Sport Bar in Kingston, Jamaica,  Singjay Oshaine“Anaicon” Anderson released his first album titled Rebelwise. The twenty four year old who is from St. Ann is signed to Osujah Records also birth in the Parish.

The entertainer entered the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall Competition in 2013, and although he did not make it to the finals of the contest; he has continued to make strides in the entertainment industry.

“The entire project was extremely satisfying. This is my first album and I went on a journey, getting deep into myself, with the Most High as my inspiration and guide to address topics affecting the youth and Jah people,” said Anaicon.

The artiste is currently promoting his album in Virginia on a reggae radio, and has plans for New York, Connecticut and Chicago, with a close eye on the European and African markets respectively.








Anaicon promote new album in the United States

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