Andrew & Wada Blood Drops New Single Still Alive

In the wake of a rumour that was circulated via Black Berry Messenger that Andrew Blood was involved in a tragic car accident, ‘JR Productions’/’365 music’ recording artistes, Andrew & Wada Blood have dropped a brand new single entitled ‘Still Alive’.

TO LISTEN TO STILL ALIVE CLICK HERE The song was released to assure fans across the world that they’re “Still Alive” and well. Since the release of ‘Still Alive’, fans across the world have not only taken a strong liking to the song but have also breathed sighs of relief, happy to know it was just a rumour and not a fact.The track, is currently receiving strong rotation worldwide, produced by Andrew & Wada Blood. The duo is also gearing up to shoot the video for their new hit single, ‘One and Only’. “Right now a just crazy new singles we a drop, for the streets and for the ladies. Since them a spread rumours’, now fans can listen out to hear the Bloods more”. Said by Wada Blood 

Andrew & Wada Blood Drops New Single Still Alive
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