The 11th anniversary of the vibes club, Asylum takes place on November 29 inside the popular party venue, Mas Camp on Oxford Road. Popular radio personality and newspaper columnist, Raggashanti will team up with dancehall artistes Shaggy and Cham, to host the event – a staple on the party calendar each year.

Hennessy, Pepsi and MacKersons Stout are the brands sponsoring this massive event, which has a $800 pre-sold, $1000 at the gate price tag. The party is set to feature top sound systems from all over the island, blasting good music for the thousands of expected patrons to enjoy all night long. As if the music that will be taking over the New Kingston night air on Saturday November 29 wasn’t enough for patrons to revel and enjoy themselves, Appleton Mug Madness deals will be available for only $700, which will allow patrons to drink Appleton mixes all night.

Owner of the Asylum Nite Club, Brian ‘Ribbie’ Chung says that this year’s event is one that cannot be missed. “Boy, this year we’re going all out!” he exclaims. “There will be lots of surprises and giveaways for patrons. This year is the excitement year,” Chung explained.

Meanwhile, Earl Samuels, manager for the Knutsford Boulevard-located dancehall hotspot says that all entertainers and sound systems are welcome. “We need unity in the business now, and we need unity in the country. All entertainers, all disc jocks, every sound system, everyone is invited to Asylum 11th anniversary party, because its about entertainment and its about uniting the people and making sure they enjoy themselves,” Samuels contends.
Patrons will have lots to look forward to, such as a $10,000 cash prize every hour on the hour, as well as Digicel phone giveaways every hour as well. And if those weren’t enough, the first 500 patrons get a free bottle of MacKerson Stout upon entry.

More plans for the Asylum Anniversary will be revealed in the coming weeks, however one thing is sure – all the stops are being pulled out to ensure that patrons are treated to to the party of a lifetime.



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