Bad Boys Entertainer-The Appeal



From the beginning of time, women have always been attracted to bad boys. This is the common question that has often been asked by many. Why is this trend becoming so popular? In Jamaica’s culture today the bad boy persona has been adopted by many of the countries’ men especially the dancehall entertainers. Their bad boy lyrics and demeanor is glorified by many but more so women.

One may ask who is a bad boy and what are his characteristics? A bad boy may be defined as a man who is at times outwardly attractive, but is unwilling to offer sacrificial love in a relationship. He is too preoccupied with himself to share genuine compassion, concern, or acceptance. A bad boy lacks character and might exhibit the following behavior: lying, superiority, irresponsible dreaming, and fear of commitment, sexual promiscuity and addiction to substances, selfishness, and hunger for power.

A bad boy will only sacrifice for someone if it’s convenient for him or if he gets something in return. He expects the woman to do most of the giving, while he ignores her needs or takes advantage of her. So why are these types of entertainers so appealing to women? 

Bad boy entertainers in Jamaica are respected by their fans as ‘they defend their people’ and openly critise injustice by the state. They cater to women fantasies and their lyrics plays out private bedroom scenes. Bad boy entertainers within the Jamaican industry include individuals such as Shabba Ranks, King Yellowman, Vybz Kartel, Mavado, Busy Signal, Beenie Man and Bounty Killer. Whenever they are performing women are always screaming at the top of their lungs and at the front of the stage trying to grope them. Why are these artistes so appealing? Why do these artistes tend to get caught up in the spotlight more than others?

Suewyn Jackson, a 22 year old said that” she is attracted to Mavado because of his lyrics and he knows how to dress and carry himself and his gangster image.” Mavado came on the scene with his slang “gangster for life” and women have been flocking him ever since. To many he’s always neatly attire in whatever colour he uses to adorn himself. His locks are always clean and polished and the way he serenade the ladies will make him a crowd pleaser with the women.

            “Vybz Kartel a fi mi artiste fi life, a the real bad dj roun here, I love him.” Vanessa Cowns, a 28 year old cocktail waitress disclosed. Vybz Kartel is a sex magnet; he attracts women to him from all over the globe. He has an aura of confidence which often times play to his advantage or disadvantage. His raunchy lyrics carters to female desires. Carolyn Cooper well known advocate of dancehall sees “dancehall as an erogenous zone in which the celebration of female sexuality and fertility is ritualized as men pay homage to the female principle.” Vybz Kartel lyrics to may seem to demoralize women but women are drawn to his lyrics. Cadine Denton, a 22 year old, bartender stated that, “Kartel lyrics make a woman think of all the things that can be done in the bedroom and his songs just give you a feeling of sexuality.”


            Bad boy entertainers from Shabba Ranks through to Vybz Kartel have females fan groveling at their feet. Bad boy entertainers are seen by woman as forbidden territories. They are those guys you would want but know that they are bad for you. They can be compared to a nice delicious piece of black forest cake, its bad for your health but you still want it anyways. Some women are drawn to their lifestyles, the flashy cars, the partying and always being in the spotlight. They generate hype and their crowd pleasing ways make them a winner with their fans.


            They are the epitome of many women fantasies. They live their lives in the spotlight and have dozens of women throwing themselves at them. Women like the way they carry themselves, their lyrics and the way the way they ride the rhythms. They also like their aggressive demeanor especially to sex. Bad boy entertainers have been around for a while and will continue to be around. They have sex appeal to many women and it’s not about the appearance but about their attitude and their entire persona. The entertainer who has the entire package is the one that wins the female fan base. 


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Bad Boys Entertainer-The Appeal

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