Bahamian artiste booked for Sumfest tragically killed

Bahamian music artist Devon ‘Mdeez’ Knight is believed to be the country’s latest homicide victim, after he was stabbed in a row following a traffic collison on Friday night.

Accroding to police reports,shortly around 7:00pm two vehicles collided at the junction of Prince Charles Drive and Fox Hill Road. The two men who were driving became involved in an altercation which resulted in one of them being stabbed mutiple times.

Paramedics transported the injured man to hospital, where he later succumbed to his injuries.

The news quickly spread through social media with tributes being paid to the star, scores of his friends, family and fans circulated as they voice their shock and sadness over the tragedy.

Julien Believe posted on his Facebook page: “RIP TO THE BEST Reggae Artist ever to come out of the Bahamas!!! My good friend @mdeezmusic gone to violence! We suppose to go into the studio Tuesday to do our song together. He suppose to go on tour next week”. he stated.

On Twitter, one user said: “Of all the things I wanted to post today. R.I.P Mdeez was the last thing I ever thought I’d type. Condolences to his family. The Bahamas lost a good man tonight”.

A 32-year-old man is in custody in connection with the incident.

Police are also investigating a shooting incident which has left a man in hospital.

According to reports around 7:00pm, the man was walking on Malvern Road, Yellow Elder Gardens, when he was approached by an armed man who opened fire in his direction, hitting him before fleeing. The injured man was transported to hospital and is listed in serious condition.

“We were informed last night that Mdeez was killed in The Bahamas after an altercation, following on a traffic accident, took a violet turn. I am extremely saddened by the loss of a talented musician in such a senseless act of violence. The Sumfest family wishes to let Mdeez’s family and other loved ones know that we share in their grief and deeply regret that he will not be performing at the festival”, a release from Reggae Sumfest stated.

Bogdanovich highlighted that Mdeez had been brought to his attention by Patrick Williams, chairman of MORE FM, who said he was one of the best manifesting dancehall/rap artiste in The Bahamas. “I followed up on his recommendation and looked at one of Mdeez’s videos. Impressed by his performance, I invited him to join the line-up for Festival Night One. I was particularly happy to provide an opportunity for a Bahamanian artiste with Jamaican roots, as it is my philosophy that it is our music that is the unifying element in our region.

In another three weeks the well anticiptated Reggae Sumfest festival will be unveiled at several venues across the city of Montego Bay under the theme ‘Our Music, Our Festival’.

Click here to watch ‘We Winning’ Official Music Video by Lion, Sammi Starr, So$aman, and Mdeez.

Bahamian artiste booked for Sumfest tragically killed

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