tn.jpgBahamian reggae artist Ricardo Clarke has now officially released his debut album “Uprising”.


The album features Ricardo’s most successful singles along side some brand new songs such as “Fire Inside” and “Once I’m Zion“.


Over the years, Ricardo Clarke has been involved in, and has created much social, spiritual, community, youth and entertainment efforts. Seeking to empower, uplift, encourage and enlighten humanity in the Bahamas. The success of events such as Jubilee Jam, Dream Night, A Night of Praise and the Uprising Conference, has created anticipation and interest for future happening. Ricardo has gained popularity for his inspirational messages that have made him a requested name in Churches, schools, workshops and conferences. Recently, he has been enjoying a budding music career locally and his songs receive a lot of local as well as international airplay. Now, Singing, song-writing and composing music have become second nature to Ricardo Clarke.


Being part of a musically inclined family Ricardo grew up with music around him. In 2007, he was asked to participate in the “Youth Alive Soundtrack 2007”, for the Bahamas Faith Ministries and he found himself at the forefront after the success of his song “Last Days”. This was the point also when Ricardo decided to take his music career to the next level.


Over the last year, Ricardo has created a buzz around his music and his songs reach out to a Bahamian as well as an international audience. Recently he has worked with some of the best European reggae musicians and live bands. Ricardo’s main aim is to encourage people to “not settle in anything”. He hopes that people will be inspired to see their value and pursue God’s limitless future.


The album “Uprising” is available online as well as in stores. For online purchase please check out this link





1. Arise Intro

2. Not Settling

3. Let Of talk

4. No Minutes

5. Watching Me

6. Fire on Inside

7. Never Seen Interlude

8. Never Seen

9. Once I’m Zion

10. Street Life

11. Sound of Rain

12. Missing You

13. We Come feat Monty G


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