Beenie Man, Bounty Killer and Cham Creates History at the Jagra GT Taylor Christmas Reggae Extravaganza

Dancehall stalwarts Beenie Man, Bounty Killer and Baby Cham treated patrons to a never before seen awesome performance sharing one stage, one band and delivering a soul stirring catalogue of hits to close the star studded Jagra GT Taylor Christmas Reggae Extravaganza Saturday December 25 at Independence Park Black River. Sizzling performances and an answering fiery appreciation from patrons in Independence Park made the Jagra sponsored show one of the season’s best.  The event fielded many performances throughout the night interspersed with lively juggling from GT Aggregation.

From L-R Romain Virgo, GT Taylor and Gyptian.

GT Taylor, promoter of the event, is pleased with the support of patrons and musicians. He explained, “This year’s show was a success as the support from patrons was great and musicians continue to support the only show of its kind in St. Elizabeth.”
GT is also thankful to the Police for their support, “The Police were on hand throughout the night to ensure the laws of the land were upheld and exercised discretionary support. For that we are very happy,” he said. The night saw several great performances and a gathering free of incidents.

Romain Virgo in his powerful set took his fans on a journey singing his many hits and even treating Independence Park to a little Dj in his set. Gyptian was also in his element treating fans to his past and recent hits closing his set with his mega hit Hold You.

Lady Saw took the stage as the “raw saw” of yesteryear delivering musical missiles in what she dubbed her pre sting performance much to the delight of the males and females in the park.  Kiprich also took to the stage in a mood filled with controversy and his blue soap in hand. Then it was 30 minutes of scintillating lyrics and with an answering heat from the Park as I-Octane jumped on the stage and sang hits which brought the crowd to fever pitch. His rendition of hits such as My Life, Puff it, had fans jumping, singing and blazing spurts of fire as the singer energetically danced, jumped and connected with the crowd.

His invitation of Zamunda to the stage was well received as the young artiste delivered his soulful hit. He is dubbed as one to watch in 2011.

Despite the absence of Mavado who was unable to attend due to flight troubles the 11th staging of Jagra GT Taylor Christmas Reggae Extravaganza was a superb delivery of the many moods of dancehall. As is customary at this event GT Taylor fielded several upcoming acts to a receptive crowd, like; Brussco, reggae sensation from Italy; Biggaton, a Black River native and Mickeylous, among several others who made good impressions.
Then it was a reminiscent crowd who thoroughly enjoyed performances from Little John, Commando, Leroy Gibbons and George Nooks.

The venue was transformed into a comfortable and quaint party spot with several vantage points much to the delight of patrons. Filled with Food vendors and several screens patrons were treated to show of great vibes.


Beenie Man, Bounty Killer and Cham Creates History at the Jagra GT Taylor Christmas Reggae Extravaganza
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