Beenie man’s new release


“The Doctor“, Beenie man has continued to top local and international charts with his recently released single, “Wine  Gal.”   ‘Wine  gal” is now in the # 1 spot on the New York, Top 30 Reggae singles chart and is also in the #2 spot on south Florida’s top 20 singles chart.

The “Wine Gal” hit single has also earned, “The Doctor“, the #1 spot on Hype TV top 20 singles chart and has been holding that position strong for the past 6 weeks; it also spent 3 weeks at the top of Richie B’s countdown chart featured in the Xnews tabloid newspaper.

Beenie Man’s follow-up single, “Gimme likkle”, which was recorded on the Born So record label is also getting heavy rotation on the national radio airwaves.

The “Gimme Likkle” single debuted at #17 spot on Richie B’s chart and also held down the #15 spot on RE TV’s countdown chart, and is currently holding on to the #7 spot on Hype TV top 20 singles chart after five weeks.

Beenie man’s new release

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