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The Lunatic

By. Anthony C. Winkler


Aloysius is the village madman, tolerated by neighbors but forced to make a living by doing odd jobs. His only company is the animals, trees, and bushes of the woodlands in which he resides, on the outskirts of a village in the hills of St. Ann, on the island of Jamaica. Aloysius is lonely. Admittedly, these animals, trees, and especially the bushes have a lot to say, and undeniably, the flame heart tree is a true friend, but Aloysius has no human friends. Then love, or a peculiar version of it, comes to Aloysius in the form of a solidly built German tourist, Inga Schmidt. Inga encounters a sleeping Aloysius when she is passing through the countryside photographing the island’s flora and fauna. Thereafter, to the horror of the trees and the bushes and villagers disapproval, Aloysius’s world is turned upside down as he finds himself hurtling along in a series of crazy escapades with his newfound love. The romantic idyll is bruised when Inga invites a local butcher to join in.  The trio then decides to rob the house of Busha McIntosh.

The Lunatic is an outrageously out-of-order, hilarious novel through which the reader discovers that madness is by no means restricted to Aloysius; and that goodness and forgiveness may be rarer qualities, found in unexpected places.

Legitimate Resistance

By: Errol McDonald


This novel gives us an exciting glimpse into the organized crime underworld of Jamaica.  It discusses the drug and gun trades, extortion rackets and their political connections. In the book, Susan Adjerlol, a nice country girl goes to live in KingstonCity so that she can fulfill her dreams of becoming a singer.  She however, falls in love with Silver, a gangster turned revolutionary.  Her love for him allows her to go through countless dangers and romantic adventures as the country of Jamaica prepares to meet the wrath of the oppressed. 

Legitimate Resistance travels through the streets and inner cities of Kingston, to the fast lanes of New York City and into the suburbs of London with pulsating reggae music as the heartbeat, a generation searches for truth, justice and redemption.

Between the Pages

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