The father of Rodney Pryce, a.k.a. Bounty Killer, one of the dancehall genre’s ace deejays, is dead.  Constance Basil Pryce died yesterday, Thursday October 10, after coping with an illness.


It is a common understanding in the national entertainment circles that Bounty Killer and his father shared a great father-son relationship.


When several members of the national media corps, including Reggae Times, contacted Bounty killer for his comments yesterday, he was in no mood to talk.  His only comment were, “Mi a ask everybody fi pray fi mi.”


An attempt by us to speak to Bounty Killer’s booking agent, Sharon Burke, resulted in her being very reserved in supplying any information.  She told us that she was not at liberty to offer any information on the matter.  She however told us that because of the close relationship the father and son shared, Bounty Killer was greatly affected by his passing.


Sharon Burke told Reggae Times that the Rodney family are very close and Bounty and is father would often times go out, spar together.


Reggae Times understands that the senior Pryce recently became very ill and had to be rushed to the hospital. He later died at the medical institution.


So far, there have been no arrangements made, yet for Mr Pryce’s interment.


Bounty Killer is a very prominent, high profiled icon of the international dancehall scene.  He has been at the top of that genre for over a decade and a half.  Bounty lists of hits is a long one, some of which are, “People Dead”, “Book, Book, Book”; “Poor People Fed Up”, “Lodge” and many, many more.


We here at Reggae Times Magazine would like to extend our condolence to Bounty Killer and his immediate family at this time of their  bereavement.



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