Busy Signal launches “Turf Gear”

International dancehall recording artiste Busy Signal has launched a clothing line “Turf Gear”. The “Hot Head” has clearly shown that he has some business sense, or good advisors as he seeks to profit further from his reputation.Busy is known for his unique fashion sense, easily switching from casual jeans and t-shirts for day to day wear, to “bazzle” high fashioned outfits, courtesy of  designer Carlton Brown, that usually leave onlookers in awe.

Busy, being praised all the time in the media and informally for his fashion, decided it was time to create his own clothing line.This is when he teamed up with Castelle Barnes from Brandz Apparel to cultivate his idea of a clothing line. Turf Gear has been launched in recent weeks and there has already been talks of expanding the product line outside t-shirts. The shirts are designed in Jamaica, manufactured in America, sold online, as well as at Intuition on Constant Spring Road. This is the first of many business moves Busy said persons can expect from him in the future, as he wants to go into real estate, among other things.

As well as the clothing line, Busy is also looking forward to the July 13 release of his next album, D.O.B. (Definition of Busy Signal). This will be the artiste’s fourth album since he started professionally in the music industry five years ago.Producers on the album include Stephen McGregor, Busy Signal himself, Shane Brown, Karl Morrison and DJ Kareem. Some of the songs released from the album already include One More Night, Picante and My Money.With his hands in producing, recording and now business, Busy thinks he’s on the right path but is still looking forward to more professional success and awards for the future.

Busy Signal launches “Turf Gear”

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