GOD HE KNOWS Lady Saw Chorus: How di hell one man so sweet (God he knows) Knock mi right from off mi feet (outta mi clothes) Gwaan act like him know fi dig (good water hose) Mi woulda do anything

BOOM BOOM General Degree Intro: Girls from all bout Yuh a boom Yuh Have di man dem a shout Yuh a boom Ever looking exciting Yuh a boom Yuh have Degree a sing Chorus: One yuh a boom, two yuh

GETTING STRONGER Everton Blender Intro: Yes we ah stronger And babylon ah get weaker Yes we stepping up stronger Chorus: Coming harder ain’t looking back Feeling stronger ready to launch the attack Do you remember when we were the cream

AIN’T GONNA FIGURE IT YET Beenie Man Verse 1: I’m brave but I’m shaking I’m near but yet I’m far I don’t believe in civilization But yet I still drive a car I’m crippled but I’m walking I’m freed yet

FULL ATTENTION By Beres Hammond Intro: Oh baby, I would walk a mile, I would walk a mile ore two, Just for you baby. I wanna explain to you, that you’re the hit on every corner. Gotta confess to you

CONSCIOUS ENTERTAINER By Anthony B Lawdie lawdie hey I bun dem yaga yo Intro Dem say a detrimental behavior To be a conscious entertainer But a Jah a we protector Bobo fear no danger Dem say a detrimental behavior To

TAKE ME AWAY Richie Stephens Chorus Take me awaaaay, take me way up in the sky Take me awaaaay, this love will never die Take me awaaaay, girl you make me feel so right Take me awaaaay, lets make love

ANGEL By Shaggy Intro Shooby dooby dooby doo woi Shooby doo Oh Shooby doo dooby doo boi oi Yeah ah Chorus Girl you’re my angel you’re my darling angel Closer than my peeps you are to me baby Shorty you’re

FLY Mr. Vegas But mi seh Woman dem mi love a fi di gal me a die Me a wonda mek some bwoy tun fly Hear Lisa a cry seh her man seh goodbye And gone mingle inna sitten like

Conquer All By Anthony B. Haile to Emperor Haile Selassie I the life giver the protector He’s our Lord our Almighty Saviour Remember he’s the conqueror of all conquerors Bless Bobo tell dem we Conquer all hey I Emperor Selassie

BE STRONG By Barrington Levy Oh…… Verse 1 I tried my best – never to stop love you To be there for you, oh You make my life so miserable Jealousy and problems, coming to our lifes We’ve been together

NO LIVE NO WAY By Red Rat Intro Oh Nooooo, Well dis is Red Rat’s cry, To deh people and from deh yutes which is I and I, To deh yutes eh fi gi a helpin’ hand. Yeh the struggle

DON’T HAFFI DREAD By Morgan Heritage INTRO Yeah ya ya wo/A raggaso we ragga, yeah CHORUS You don’t haffi dread to be rasta This is not a dreadlocks thing Devine conception of the heart VERSE 1 Oh it’s a life

THIS TIME I PROMISE By Daville Baby I love you I never meant to hurt you When I said “I love you” I meant every word I said I don’t want you to believe anything else Can’t give my heart,

Rupert By Zebra Rupert: Sey yuh waan know Rupert Blouse and skirt (repeat) Sey yuh waan know Rupert Blouse and skirt (repeat) Verse 1: Mi get up dis mawning Sey mi nah ga a nuh work Put on a pants

Teach The Children By Tony Rebel Intro: I say the words of your mouth And the meditation of your heart Be acceptable Always know that you’re gonna be responsible, seen And I say yuh find yourself With an instrumental influence

Africans Beenie Man Intro: Woh nah, na, na, nah, na, nigh Woh deh, deh, woh Greetings, is like the first good mankind On hurt hurt ever pray to is the sun, woh, deh, deh Den di evil priest, come wid

Dance Di Angel   By Harry ToddlerIntro: Whatever…Nah nah nah!!! Right now yuh dun know seh Mr. Chin place is Asylum and Cactus And all over Jamaica and di worldwide ready fi hit di world wid this A nah nah

Buju Banton: African Pride African Pride Thou we struggle Jah is the ruler and protector of I & I life All man a bawl (Eh!) (Ethiopia) Africans with African pride (Somalia) Fighting to attain our rights Want no more shedding

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