Where to Visit

ROCKFORT MINERAL BATH Rockfort Mineral Bath is one of the quiet and delightful locations to visit in Kingston. It is located on the eastern edge of the city on the main approach from the airport. Visitors from all over come

REGGAE BELIVE IT OR NOT In 1950s the diet of the sound system was US r&b crossed over to white teenage audience in the form of rock ‘n’ roll, it caused a problem for sound systems owners in Jamaica, because

REGGAE BELIEVE IT OR NOT Rocksteady emerged during 1966 it developed characteristics that identified as almost the opposite of its predecessor, ska. In a nutshell, rocksteady was slower, more refined, and most of all, cooler. Firstly, the regularly paced ‘walking’

REGGAE BELIEVE IT OR NOT Jamaican deejays have traditionally made their reputations the hard way, in front of Kingston dancehall audience, and there are several whose talents can only be appreciated on recording of their live performances. The format that

Moxon’s Beach Club Restored Moxon’s creator, Mrs. Johanne McDonald, a charming and engaging woman has built and re-defined comfort. This place is like stumbling upon hidden treasure, yet not being part of a treasure hunt. This exclusive, Intimate, Boutique Hotel

REGGAE BELIEVE IT OR NOT For all the commercial dominance of Junjo Lawes and Jimmy, you could argue that most innovative dancehall was to be found on Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare’s Taxi label. In addition to running their own

REGGAE BELIEVE IT OR NOT   As much as anyone, the skatalite, guitarist Jerome ‘Jah Jerry’ Hinds can claim to having invented ska. In the late 1940s, when he was taught by the grate Ernest Ranlin and ‘boogie’ reigned in

CASTLETON GARDENS Known for its array of plants, Castleton Gardens is a haven for many birds and offers a delightful appeal for anyone who wishes to hide away for a while from the hustle and bustle of a hectic life.

REGGAE BELIEVE IT OR NOT For several years after “Sleng Ten”, King Jammy was the undisputed ruler for the dancehall. By the end of 1980s there was at least 150 albums in his catalogue, with countless other songs appearing on

Mocking Bird Hill Mocking Bird Hill Hotel in Port Antonio, Jamaica, is a small, luxury, eco-chic hotel nestled between the majesty of the Blue Mountains and the Caribbean Sea. Known throughout the world for its beaches and music, Jamaica offers

REGGAE BELIEVE IT OR NOT   The ‘one-rhythm’ or ‘version’ album, consisting entirely of different cuts of the same rhythm track, is a uniquely Jamaican phenomenon, and a very important part of the market that is largely singles-oriented. Though the

HOLIDAY INN SUNSPREE RESORT ROSE HALL, MONTEGO BAY, JAMAICA Holiday Inn Sunspree Offers: Spacious accommodations where children 12 and under, stay, play and eat free when sharing room with an adult. Unlimited drinks at their new Catamaran bar, limitless meals

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