The new converted Marion Hall is now a Minister in the gospel of the faith.  A decision was made by the Minister to deliver the gospel without a fee, therefore leaving all on the peak of their toes wondering how the minister will endure. Marion Hall made an announcement on social media (Facebook) that she will finance all of her bills both musically and take care of her family along with charity by the grace of God.

The minister continues, she doesn’t have a price for her service but, salvation is free, although these albums require money to lunch them. The gospel artist outlines her charity ambitions, she added that everyday living cost money but, she trust God that he will provide.


Knowing what people would think or say Ms. Hall expected that not all would agree with her decision that she has made. Many who supported her believes that the Lord will lead her and reward her for the work that she is doing. The decision of the artist takes roots in many, the discussions continue on social media, Tommy Cowan came out commending Ms. Hall about the brave step that she has taken.


Mr. Cowan, Chief Executive Officer of Glory Music and conceptualise of the gospel concert Fun in the Son express that he knows exactly the path Ms. Hall is on.  He continues if the minister is being led by the Holy Ghost then she has nothing to worry about. Mr. Cowan reflects on his experience, how he proof God when he started the Fun in the Son Gospel Concert, how God kept his promises and fiancé his bills continuously. “God will provide all her needs according to His riches.” He quoted God have no limit in providing.


The gospel music veteran reminds Christians from a spiritual aspect,from the word of God that we walk not by sight but by faith. Mr. Cowan wishes Marion Hall the gospel singer all the best and her endeavors and advises persons to watch the Lord work.



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