Charlie Chaplin earns new distinction

Charlie Chaplin whose given name is Richard Patrick Bennett, who is a veteran Jamaican dancehall/reggae deejay and singer. The veteran artiste was awarded recently with a doctorate in security and Professional studies from the California based Global University of Lifelong Learning, graduating from the three year course on June 22, 2018.

Charlie Chaplin is known for his hits such as Que Dem, Off A Shapand Cry Blood and for his great contribution to the development of Jamaican music he was awarded the Order of Distinction in 2013.

Upon receiving his academic achievement he plans to inspire young youth, and put a more positive look on dancehall artistes.

“Mi never do it fi myself; mi do it fi break up the negative image which people a portray dancehall artistes in as gunman, murderers and rapists, and that’s not true… Mi do it fi show the youth dem say dem can do it too. Mi waan show dem say dem can raise up themselves from any situation dem inna. Me go through weh dem a go through, because me, Josey and Super Cat was the roughest thing. But that is not what motivates me,” he said.

During the 1980s Charlie Chaplin began his musical journey alongside Josey Wales and Super Cat who were all hardcore deejays for U-Roys Stur Gav sound system.

Prior to the doctorate Mr Chaplin also owns a Master’s degree in Logistics Supply and Chain Management from the Caribbean Maritime University.

“Me want the youth dem fi know say dem mustn’t put limits on themselves. Don’t be sucked in by the negativity around you. Me waan dem say: ‘See Charlie deh, him raise himself up to the top and me can do it to’,” said Charlie Chaplin, who is the owner of Border Patrol Security Company.

Mr Chaplin explains that now that he has completed his studies, he can now focus on his music going forward.

“Mi a finish up mi album Timeless Appeal. It has 17 tracks and mi gone 15 already. Mi a produce it on mi Crown Productions and Speng Gorgon label. Right now, mi search fi a distribution company,” he said.

No date is confirmed as yet for the release of the album.


Charlie Chaplin earns new distinction

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