Chatting With Versatile

Versatile, means capable to do anything competently and the artist Versatile is no different. He has been creating tsunami on the air waves with his singles “Bank Inna Mi Pocket,” “ My Year” And “Sneakers.”  Versatile is a charismatic, out-going, humble positive 24 year old with a great sense of humour.  Reggae Times recently had a chat with the versatile one.  

Birth Name: Sheldon Taylor

Age: 24 years old

Reggae Times: What was it like growing up?

Versatile: It was fun. I grew up in a single parent family, my mom, brother and sister. My mother was always singing on the church choir. I grew up in the rural area where it was crime free.

 Reggae Times: Ok, so what inspired you to do music?

Versatile: I didn’t choose music, it chose me. From as early as primary school I was always entertaining, entering competitions at school. Moved on to Titchfield High, where I used to knock the desk and perform for friends and classmates. I then moved to performing at school and in the community. There was no particular point where I decided that I’m going to do music.

Reggae Times: When and how did you get your first break?

Versatile: I was always performing at the School of agriculture and in the community. Baby Cham came to Portland in 1999, liked the way he deejayed and brought him to Kingston. I performed at Saddle to the East, Reloaded and Spectrum and some other shows. During that time I was known as Little Shotta.

 Reggae Times: Why the name Little Shotta?

Versatile: No reason really. That name was just given to me. (Laughing). Maybe because I used to ‘par’ with some older youths.

 Reggae Times: So what happened after that?

Versatile:   Well about a year after Beenie Man took me under his wings and I performed on many shows with him. In 2007, I teamed up with Mario C who suggested I changed the name, also my mother, so I came up with the name Versatile.  I did some recordings with him. In 2008, teamed up with Romeich Recordings and have been with them since producing singles. 

Reggae Times:  Cool! So what we expect from Versatile for the rest of the year, what shows will you be appearing on?

Versatile: Well, you know more hot singles. I’ll be on the school tour and also the Digicel Road shows. I’ll also be performing at Beenie Man’s Birthday show coming up next week. Just look for me in the streets and anywhere Beenie Man is. 

 Reggae Times:  Ok,  the question every female wants to know, what’s your relationship status?

Versatile: (Laughing) I have a girlfriend.

 Reggae Times:  What’s your advice for young artistes out there?

Versatile:  Be original and keep focused. Keep working hard. Time is the master of all things. What’s yours will be yours. 

Reggae Times:  Thank you and all the best in your career.  

Versatile:  You’re Welcome

– Trisanya Barnes interviewed Versatile in August 2010


Chatting With Versatile
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